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Any chance we could get GMs back in the game?

By CoolRay - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 12, 2019, 03:47:02

Before I start, let me remind everyone each position in the game:

[Admin] : Basically what Izmar and Nerodos were. They managed humongous events in game, and actually work at Ankama. Generally they don't have [Admin] in their name though. It was just [Izmar] and [Nerodos]

[Mod] : These are volunteers, meaning they don't actually work at Ankama. They make sure everyone behaves in game.

[Mentor] : These guys helped out newer players. They were also volunteers, though I haven't seen any in ages.

[GM] : These are volunteers that hold smaller events. Maybe they just pop in and make the game a little crazier without ruining anything. 

When I say GM, I mean the GM mentioned above. I miss having a GM pop in every now and then and make everything even more fun than it is. I also haven't heard of any GM recruitment, like Moderators, recently. Maybe with the release of Dofus Retro, Ankama can pull in some GMs to make the game even more enticing? 

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I agree and hope this becomes a thing again.

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I prefer GM to be paid professionals who will not be biased towards giving their rewards to their in-game friends under the guise of anonymity. Yes, GM rewards might only be novelty items, but still, it will not be fun when the GM are volunteer players who can select their friends as winners.

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Yes they need to add all of those positions daily so people will behave better in general and the servers will be functioning optimally.

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Izmar was a Community Manager [CM], just as Echt, Kaoly, Nabolo etc. was and Maniana is for INT (the international community). A community manager literally manage the community and forward/prior what is asked by the players to the correct departments.

Moderators are volunteer players that mostly works with removing bots that ruin our game experience. They haven't been "Police Officers" since almost a decade. Some do, but most solely remove bots.

Mentors were discarded when Kaoly left the building. She was just starting out the concept when she got sick and Nabolo took over. Izmar grabbed it after Nabolo and I think you might already see where the problem is. The concept was inherited two times before it even launched. It had to go.

Game Masters were advanced moderators basically. To become one, you had to have proven your self since earlier years. You needed experience, reputation and had to earn trust to become one. Never once have I heard anything about a Game Master favourize another player. Nothing of sorts has ever been recorded at any Dofus related forum.

What Gunner might be referring to was one of the first moderators on INT back in 2005. He handed out items and one dofus at -2.0 before anyone had dropped or made them. One sadida on Rushu managed to pick the most precious item (a +18 turqouise dofus) from the ground at -2.0. It wasn't "given" to him specifically and was later sold to the famous sram. This was before any other international server was created and only Jiva/Rushu existed. Since then, it has happened 0 times (as it should). This moderator also abused his account to powerlevel his eca and ban players that competed with him. An honest mistake in the beginning of a new game. He was soon discharged and never seen after. Ankama solved it as soon as they found out.

As for [GM], I doubt you'll see much of those anytime soon. Decreasing population on 2.x, growing on 1.3. Focus is all over the place. The sea is stormy and the time isn't right to add one. If you want an event, you ask the staff and volunteers here. Organize one your self, and the more quality you put in to it, the more quality help you're likely to get.

It's nice seeing you around again Coolray :-).

/youbutsu, Ling-Ling

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Yes there is no evidence that any GM or moderator have favourize any players nor will you hear any of that sort but as long as they are not paid professional and are playing alongside friends, the possibility of them doing so cannot be dismissed. Do you remember that time when there was a limerick contest wherein the judges chose a player who rhymed "Car" with "Cra"? 1. Car and cra do not rhyme and 2. since the winning limerick will be implemented as an item description, it does not make sense for the word car to be implemented because there is no car in the game universe/lore.

I'm not saying that the judges did favour the winner, but how can anyone trust a judge pool that have friends who also plays the game. As long as the possibility of nepotism exist, no contest will ever be free from doubts of biased judgement, and those who lose in contest will always have that feeling that the judges have favoured friends. It is unfair to the winners because even if they win fairly, there is still the possibility that others will think that they win because they are friends with the judges, even if they are not. If you want to remove that shadow of doubt, then the best way is to hire paid GM and Mods who do not have playing friends.

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