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Question to sacriers about ebony questfight

By Tsih - SUBSCRIBER - October 14, 2019, 13:58:26

Hello fellow sacriers,

I have a question regarding the ebony dofus questline.
Did any of you manage to pass that Crocoburio questfight with the latest nerfed mess of a sacrier? If yes, please could you tell me how the hell did you do that? I'm getting kind of desperate here, even borrowed an entire set from a friend in hopes of passing the fight with single element, but I can't seem to make enough damage or kill myself in the process. So if anyone could help me out with some tips it would be much appreciated...thank you

Well after over 200 tries I finally passed it, if anyone needs help: what worked for me was pure int set + corrupted bow + 4leaf shield +ochre/abyssal/dokoko/cloudy/major vigour/crimson. Using mostly the bow + 2x aversion and taking advage of the bonus mp+ my summons, healing with absorption from croco's summons. finished him off with punishment after my hp got eroded to under 2kk. 

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Congrats! cool

Sounds rough. Thanks for sharing!

(You certainly meant Retribution in the end, don't you?)

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Yeah, old habits die hard, I still call it punishment biggrin

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