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The new marketplace is still really buggy

By sLHarbinger - SUBSCRIBER - October 17, 2019, 23:20:41

There are numerous problems with the new marketplace that make using it a real pain. It's honestly way too common for me to have to close the window then open it again just to have it function again.

I can honestly look past most of the minor issues but buying large stocks of an item is really, really tedious. Often, you can't spam click buy on an option without it having to pause for a second or 2 between purchases. Worst of all is when you deplete the stock of an item at a given price and the entire buy drop down menu for the item auto collapses for whatever reason.

I don't expect everything to walk out of beta flawlessly but c'mon, the state of the marketplace in its current form is not ready for live servers.

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