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Peki Peki Impertinence Achievement

By mariachiaragoretti - SUBSCRIBER - November 08, 2019, 13:43:59

Hello everyone! 
Any suggestion on how to do the achievement mentioned in the title? 

Thanks! smile 

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Putting peki in the gravity state stop him from going invis.

Fecas are great for this challenge since if you go first you can use the Inertia spell on him first turn to put him into gravity, then second turn use Gravitational Glyph and then the rest of your team can surround him easily.

You can also have an Ouginak with class ring and the Sniff spell and goes first in initiative order, and have the other 3 character with no gear so they die asap. The idea here is ouginak uses prey on him before he goes invis, then next turn use sniff which will teleport you next to him and thanks to the class ring you can do this every turn regardless of where peki peki goes or if his invis (just make sure you manage your rage so you dont transform)


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Thank you for the ideas! 

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