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Teaser: The Master of Dreams

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - November 13, 2019, 16:00:00
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Those who've managed to complete the Draconiros quest line have been the first to witness an eliocalyptic vision in the game. What could it mean? Watch the video to get an idea!

And if you don't want spoilers, you can always go finish the quests given by the Master of Dreams first…

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So? Can you make any sense of those images? We'd love to know what you think!

If you're trying to piece it all together, here's a story in two parts to help you see things (a bit) more clearly:


You'll see Draconiros again in a new updatewait, sorry – "EXPANSION" in December.

In the meantime, sweet dreams!

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The Four Horsemen of Eliocalypse.

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I'm a big fan of this quest line, but if I may give some advice: Don't have as many solo fights. There's 30+ solo fights you have to do with this whole questline, and that takes soooooo long even for 1 character let alone 4+. The 3x wave fights you have to do as a team are way more fun IMO, especially for people that run more than 1 character. Even on Ily I think people would agree it's more fun to do the quest fights as a group.

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I disagree, i prefer solo fights. It makes me do better at my class rather than use the same old strategy i use in team. Also wave fights are very long... i don't like long fights...

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I do don’t mind some solo fights as well, but 30+ solo fights is where the problem begins. Just make it so allies can join some of these solo fights.

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Some is fine, I enjoy solo fights! I enjoy when quests have fights, especially tactical ones, but there's too many solo in this one. 15 solos and 15 group fights would be much better to me.

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We need fights against single bosses that scale up in difficulty with more allies instead of a locked solo fight. That's the obvious compromise between solo accounters and teams. Who wouldn't like taking down a versatile 30K boss monster instead of dying 10 times on your solo fight to find the correct line of play, because your class is at a clear disadvantage?

The problem with solo battles - example, find me one solo quest fight in which Eniripsa would do better than an Ouginak.

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That'd be dope. 

And all you need is Striking Word and Soul-Blaze Sword and you can survive until erosion 1shots you lel.

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looks nice

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