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Why isn't there a "true" RP server on Dofus?

By DataXI - SUBSCRIBER - November 17, 2019, 01:38:37

First off, what is "true" RP? 

It's when people play the role of their character, acting and speaking as their character would if it were alive and existing in the world (server). Think of it as improvisational acting with almost total creative freedom. The players come together to create a collaborative story full of conflict, adventure, and so much more. It's a lot of fun and I remember seeing it around several years ago, though no server had ever been dedicated to it, that I was aware of.

If we had a "true" RP server being in character would be strictly enforced by Devs or Mods. They would make sure that out of character discussion happened in private messages or even dedicate a channel to out of character (OOC) talk, just like they have for information, trade, recruitment, etc. It would be easy. This would allow people who love the lore and story potential of the game to fully and truly enjoy it. 

I think a lot of people would be interested in this and it would be much more fun than coming onto the message boards trying to RP since you would have the visual aspect and the adventure and combat all happening right there before your eyes in the same moment. I know I personally would love this and so would some of my friends. 

Please consider this. I've been wanting this since I first discovered the game way, way back. Years ago when retro Dofus was the only option. 


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I think you should, maybe, consider what kind of server you'd like for RP :
- retro ;
- 2.xx ;
- temporis ;
- heroic ;

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I replied to this but I guess it didn't go through so here we go again. 

I love the idea of a retro RP server simply because it emphasizes the battle between good and evil, Bonta and Brakmar, and has so much outstanding potential for war-based RP (and for those who aren't interested in battle they could remain neutral but still be affected by what's taking place around them and play off that). The conflict, drama, and struggles with mortality, loyalty, and relationships (friendship or what have you) a character would face as they try to progress personally through the world could be amazing to experience. Back in the day characters would even end up in the opposing alignments prison and would have to find their way out (I remember having to do this and it was fun). It offers a very solid setting with a clear and easy story to immediately play off of. 

I also don't mind the idea of an 2.xx RP server though I think the lines between good and evil, Bonta and Brakmar, have been severely blended and in my personal experience don't seem to even matter anymore. Alliances could potentially cause a huge issue since they're made up of guilds and it gives the "popular" people an incredible amount of power. Though, there is a lot of potential there for inner conflict and struggles for power. There could be rebellions, coups, and separations. It would really depend on the players involved to weave the tale since it doesn't seem to be as set like it is on a retro server (in my opinion).

An RP heroic server could be absolutely brutal for players or groups who may not be liked by someone or multiple others. They could have trouble getting their story off the ground if people cross-role-play (use knowledge not learned in character [IC] out of character [OOC] to figure out who they are or what they're doing just so they can kill them for reasons that may or may not be RP related). That doesn't mean it shouldn't be an option for those who might want it. 

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Simple. The demand for it is low, very low in fact within the EN servers. It’s not enough to allocate resources and staff to manage and keep alive such a server. Besides the fact a server solely used for RP won’t last very long. The whole idea of RPing tire out fast as people will lose interest and won’t keep it up.

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AFAIK there's 1-2 true RP servers for the French players. That's basically everything you're looking for. But in French.

The English playerbase has been dwindling downwards for a very long time now and what's left is already split between Mono, Echo, Retro and sometimes Temporis. Those who are in the English playerbase and care about true roleplaying are probably below 100 players.

It's simple as that: not enough players exist that would justify such a server.

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There is no dedicated RP server in French or otherwise.

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I was part of a group trying to make RP happen on Rushu a long long time ago, circa 2008. We wanted the Mercenary alignment to be implemented in particular, but there was never enough interest to even implement that. The Mercenary alignment is true RP, to the point that participants are strictly forbidden from acting OOC in-game, in any context. Even in PM's!

It's important to note that the Mercenary alignment has not existed on the French servers for many years at this point, as they were not able to sustain a stable RP population to keep it going. A huge reason for this was because Ankama couldn't continue to promise the steady Dev and GM presence necessary to enforce the RP and provide functionality to the alignment.

In other words, if there was not enough of a population to sustain a small-scale RP experience, on a traditional server in 2008, then you'll never find enough people in any language to support a full server dedicated to RP today.
The interest has never existed in enough of a quantity. Once upon a time this was all standard, but frankly I'd bet that most people trying to read this thread today have absolutely no idea what we're rambling on about.

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Little "history" on Mercenary Alignment.

(If you're interested in lil translation on it, let me know; I can't do it tonight ... I have a paper due for tomorrow at Masters' classes *cri* .)
L'alignement Mercenaire trouve son origine à une époque où il n'y avait qu'un seul et unique serveur pour toute la communauté DOFUS francophone. À la demande d'un Maître de Jeu et de plusieurs joueurs, les créateurs de DOFUS ont mis en place un nouvel alignement destiné à être autogéré par les MJ et les joueurs, sur la base du mercenariat : le clan de Sériane Kerm.
L'objectif de cet alignement mercenaire était d'offrir aux joueurs la possibilité de s'investir dans un organisme roleplay, intégrant des notions de politique et de hiérarchie et impliquant des responsabilités, tout en proposant un groupe de mercenaires pour effectuer des contrats pour la communauté du serveur.

Source : Sylfaen - L’alignement Mercenaire - Mai 201

L’interruption du projet, concrétisée par la suspension des officialisations des Clans, amorçait la fin de l’alignement Mercenaire. Les quatre Clans implantés sur leur serveur respectif - Jiva, Djaul, Hecate et Sumens - ont été conservés transitoirement, dans l’attente de l’arrêté officiel qui annoncerait l’abolition définitive du Mercenariat.

En la soirée du 15 octolliard 642, la nouvelle a été propagée au sein des différents Clans par la voix des Maîtres de Jeu - et la mienne : d’ici quelques semaines, chaque Clan se verra dés-officialisé et l’alignement Mercenaire, abrogé. Ainsi, descendre 642 scellera définitivement le glas du Mercenariat.
Cette décision résulte d’un constat simple, lequel était par ailleurs à l’initiative de l’arrêt des officialisations : le système, en l’état, n’est pas viable pour la communauté de DOFUS dans son intégralité compte-tenu de sa population massive et de son mode de gestion si particulier, non adapté à un si grand nombre. Dès lors, il est impensable de continuer à préserver un concept obsolète et destiné à disparaître.

Néanmoins, cette décision influe uniquement sur l’enveloppe esthétique et technique (ailes, items, maison) des Clans, en aucun cas sur leurs fondements, lesquels continueront à perdurer aussi longtemps que leurs membres répondront présents.

Nous invitons dès à présent chaque Clan à préparer sa sortie de la manière qu’il leur conviendra, afin de laisser un souvenir impérissable de leur implication en tant que Mercenaires. L’équipe d’animation sera par ailleurs présente pour superviser les divers évènements orchestrés en ce sens et les communiquer plus largement.➜ Le Clan Seriane-Kerm - Jiva

Véritables hérauts du mercenariat, ils auront inspiré toute une génération par leurs idées. Aux heures les plus sombres, là où certains planifiaient la libération du démon Uk’Not’Allag, ils durent travailler de façon féroce pour imposer leurs valeurs et gagner la confiance de leurs clients. Sous l’égide d’Iop, rien ne stoppa leur initiative et leur petite troupe devint bientôt un véritable bataillon. C’est après plus de six années belles et mouvementées que leur écharpe officielle vient à être déposée.

➜ Le Clan des Stères - Djaul

Ils auront obtenu l’officialisation auprès de Fallanster après de nombreux sacrifices. Leur acharnement, c’est en partie ce que l’on doit retenir des Stères officielles d’Astrub : en imposant leur marque, leurs dogmes et leur goût pour l’animation du Monde des Douze, ces mercenaires auront avant toute chose gardé la tête haute devant l’adversité. Il s’agira de saluer pour les temps à venir toute leur implication, bien au-delà des seuls remparts de la Cité des Mercenaires.

➜ Le Clan Nedora-Riem - Sumens

Le clan de Nedora-Riem aura pris soin d’injecter, année après année, toujours plus de couleurs au paysage monotone d’Amakna. Leur parcours officiel changea radicalement l’image que l’on peut se faire du mercenaire. Très proches du Royaume, ils auront invité le peuple d’Amakna au Palais du Roi Allister pour y tenir de fascinants banquets de fin d’année, peu après leurs victoires sur des adversaires tous plus menaçants les uns que les autres.

➜ Le Clan des Selenytes - Hecate

Le statut officiel chez les Selenytes n’aura pas été de tout repos. Sollicités à de maintes reprises par le peuple d’Amakna, ils auront incarné l’image d’un clan entièrement dévoué à la cause commune (contre quelques kamas seulement !) devant des adversaires toujours plus menaçants. Nous nous souviendrons de leurs immenses batailles contre Xalavoth, Grand Prêtre d’un culte ayant assombri le Monde des Douze des mois durant, ou des conflits incessants avec les Tempêtes Pourpres et l’Aurore Blanche, les deux grands clans de Brâkmar et de Bonta.
Par ][XyaLe], le 19 Octobre 2012


Then, it seems there is some RP activity of some sort on Fr servers :

(again, no time to translate any of it tonight, sadly ... )
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Yeah, there is an active RP scene on the French servers. It is a shadow of what it once was. The French community was always way ahead of the English when it came to enthusiasm about in-game RP.

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This is a topic of great interest to me, because I've done some RP on Dofus but found that the idea was so foreign to most players that I soon more or less had to go out of character, at least in chat, and I kept my RP on a more technical level instead (most notable example: no fighting).

Like others have said, there aren't enough players for a dedicated RP server and enforcement by Mods, let alone Devs, just isn't realistic. We want Devs to make the game even better and Mods to deal with cheaters and abusers, and they can't do both that and keep track of RP.

But I like to focus on what can be done rather than what can't. happy We can for example make RP-dedicated guilds, even alliances, if there is interest. Your suggestion about a channel dedicated to RP might be a good idea! Folks are often confused by RP, and while a bit of confusion now and then is only healthy, I think it would be fun for us to have a channel specifically for RP.

I think it's entirely possible for Ankama to make Dofus more RP-friendly in various ways, and I hope they will. So it's important to bring these things up once in a while, so I'm glad you did. happy

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