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Ecaflip vs Crocobur fight

By Epic-Gsv - SUBSCRIBER - November 21, 2019, 20:46:31

How is an Ecaflip supposed to win this fight. I like challenges but I think Ankama really went to far with many of the quest fight from the Ebony Black questline. As a returning veteran player with limited amounts of gear this has been a dissaster  with this fight making me want to quit again. If someone can provide me a video of how to beat this fight I would be very thankful.

Thank you for reading this,

Your sincerely,


PS Ankama please make this fight more doable for all characters.

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There is a strategy you can use with Ecaflip and it goes as the following. Firstly, you have to pick the right spells: Mistigri, Bonne Etoile, Kraps, Corrolaire, Destin d'ecaflip (Sorry I dont know the names in english). The strategy consists off:
- Making Croco come to you through the middle (If possible without hitting you but its not a big issue) in the first turn
- Your second turn consists off hiding in the rocks to the left and having Croco come to you by your right side
- The Script now begins: you have to use Corrolaire then Destin d'eca on him without exposing yourself too much (you have to be able to come back to your hiding spot) and use Kraps that will push him to (if you do it correctly) exactly to far enough so he has enough mp to come back
- The goal now is to reduce his max hp to an amount that you can one turn without getting him to 75% hp, his shields can be very useful for that
- Use Mistigri on you if you are running low on hp
- Use Bonne Etoile on him if he approaches the 75% hp it will heal him back to full hp since you are pushing him twice
It should go very smooth if you manage to get in the loop and the one turn will feel very satisfying.
That's it for me. 
Have a good one.

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I'm not talking about the fight against Crocoburio since that one was quite easy using erosion. I'm talking about the fight against the Crocobur sword in Incarnam. I appreciate your effort and it could help others ^^

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Oh that fight... I am struggling as well. 
Any suggestions for an osa? smile 

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i'm trying as cra rn and i can say this fight is by far the most bs fight i've seen in my life. They should be ashamed of these solo fights in Ebony, not even hard but just stupidly op mechanics like bulak. how tf are you meant to beat that trash without cheesing him.

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