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Srams Invisible, Traps and AI behaviour.

By Angelz2 - SUBSCRIBER - December 01, 2019, 15:56:50

So basically this is a complaint and a question.

I wanted to know if AI behaviour when interacting with an invisiable sram or his traps are intentional?
I find it unpleasent that monsters with AOE spells just know where to hit and find me ]
after walking 10 cells using 8mp and repel trap.
It just makes this spell pretty useless in most dungs.

Seconde thing is the traps. Is there any plans to randomize a bit the AI reaction to traps? i mean it seems like to me
that they usually have a linear behaviour, If they can attack an enemy => they will walk on trap
If not => they will avoid traps.
But thats because you made it that the AI knows where the traps are... Are there any plans to actually 'hide' the traps from the AI?


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They don't know where the trap is. They know where you could have placed the trap and they go from there. That's why it is hard to catch monsters with traps. Also i know it sounds like the AI KNOWS where you are, but it doesn't. However i do agree that sometimes luck is REALLY not on your side to the point where you've been hit 3 turns in a row while invisible. However considering there are usually multiple monsters with multiple attacks.. it is actually not that surprising you get found from time to time. If you play smart you usually won't, if you do, you should be OK, if you do 2 turns in a row.. you just got unlucky,  try again. 

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I do have to comment that for the level 200 dungons that is not the case.
Over 80% of the time i am being found not by a proccess of elimination but of a direct spell and use of mp to exactly where i am at.

It doesn't seem natural to me that i mob would walk 6mp towards a void space with no enemies and hit the exact cell without an aoe spell that i am on.

I can say for sure that this had happaned on Ily, Klime, Missiz, Count and more for over a doezen of times.


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I agree with Angelz, I think the AI finds where you are much too easily more than 50% of the time which renders the spell much less useful. I understand that enemies use their MP and spells to find where you're at by process of elimination but like.....I shouldn't have to use 10mp and repelling trap to get the most out of my invis. It's just really frustrating and yes when you get hit twice or three times in a row you really feel like the spell is useless.  Now with 2 turns of invis I really don't like it.   And I have always had a gripe with traps and enemies avoiding them.  I do think this has improved with the recent sram updates where I find enemies will actually run into my traps when they wouldn't before, so that's an improvement. 
I will also say, and I should make a report, but using Misconstrual to swap an enemy with your double does not activate traps placed under the double when swapped, which to me, defeats a major purpose of the spell.  Like placing a repelling trap under your double, then swapping, does not activate the repelling trap.  

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