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Cra Class Pack

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - December 05, 2019, 16:00:00

From now until December 11, the goddess Cra fires a pack that's sure to hit the bull's eye!

And who wouldn't dream of having the dexterity, accuracy, class, and charisma of Synetelle, Bill TellLuk Ylook, or Jems Blond? If that's what you've always wanted, now is the time to get it!

Get the Cra Class Pack!

The pack is available in various combinations:

The Cra Set is also for sale individually for €8 or 8 000 Ogrines, as well as the three harnesses, which are €7 or 7 000 Ogrines each.

Don't miss out!


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Score : 126

Another great class set! Wish I could buy them all smile

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Score : 3

will the other classes get a class pack aswell or just cra :/

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Score : 11

All class are getting the pack... some of them are already out.

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Score : 70

Rip i just wasted my money xd colors cannot be changed

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Score : 7260

I find it annoying that the 'use the mount's colors' option for the dragoturkey harness changes absolutely nothing, that I could tell anyway.

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Score : 401

Couldn't resist and thought I deserved a treat. I especiallhy love the shoulder pads that go over the shield. 

Thanks for these class sets. I think they are looking amazing!

I hope you will bring back the other sets I have missed out on at a later date. And looking forward to the seeing what the next new class set will look like.

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Score : 1762
uhuhuhuhuuuuuuhuu !!!
ahoeeeeeeeeee !!!!
hellowww !!!

It has been asked on each class pack so far (and not only by me tongue ) :
WHEN will these class packs also have ceremonial class PETS?

And I'm adding an extra request: ceremonial class PETSMOUNTS ?

Pretty pweaseeeeee ... wub kiss angel
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Score : 19

Good thing that I own a male cra character.. this doesen't fit at all.. GJ!

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Score : 476

Cra is always the best! biggrin

Too bad these cannot change color sad

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Score : 681

Too bad mine didn't arrive :/ ticket sent.

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Score : 580

22€ and you can't use Ogrins to buy it? Hahahahahahahaha 

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