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Story Time: Account Lost

By Eggrolls - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 06, 2019, 00:30:31

This post may belong in "problems and solutions", but I'm posting it here because given its status, I believe there is no longer a solution possible. Ticket ID: #2460442

The History:
I've played Dofus on and off for roughly 11 years--from high school, through college, and into my current job. In the last few years, I haven't had much time to dedicate to playing because I was working on finishing up my Ph.D. About half a year ago, I successfully defended my dissertation and got a job (yay me!). 

These last few months have been even busier. Who would have guessed settling into a new town and new job consumes your life? But at the tail end of adjustment, I started finding actual moments to catch my breath. And something I always wanted to do was go back to playing this game. 

A Desire to Return:
Randomly, my husband started talking about playing an MMO together and after back and forth we decided on Dofus. Both of us have fond memories playing the game (and started our accounts together at the same time).

I took it on myself to get us started again. I dusted off the log-ins for both of our accounts and started going through the leg work of learning what's changed and getting us set up to start again. He's a bit overwhelmed by things like that so I often do the investigation and give him the cliff notes version.

The Problem: 
After a few days of play, "We're like yeah this is fun! Let's bring back the full team." I help him log into his second account. Given all of the new changes, we decided to class change his main character on that account to something else (after a lot of research work on my end). I go and buy some Ogrines for his account to take advantage of that Black Friday deal. Then I get a message that the transaction is suspicious and is pending review. Ok. whatever. I tell him I'll handle it.

The Ending...
Shortly after I get a notice that the account is banned. I email support to contest it. After a few back and forth with them requesting information, me giving information, (repeat x forever), etc. I get tired of the whole process and just dump all of the information I can think of would help them. 

I get a lovely response back that: 

"There are too many inconsistencies between the account details and the details provided.

As we cannot be certain that you are indeed the account owner, we, unfortunately, cannot reply favorably to your request.

As a reminder, it is forbidden to lend, share, buy, sell, give or exchange Ankama accounts.

*Intense regret* My error was telling them about my husband. (And probably also stupidly giving them my information without thinking instead of his at the start of this process. But hey, it's been so long I honestly forgot which account belonged to who).

Based on Ankama's policy, I basically admitted that we shared that account which is forbidden under their terms of use. AAAAND that's how I think this ends. My understanding is that the account won't be unbanned. I've emailed back to confirm, but this probably means we won't be playing again. 

As a long time customer, I am incredibly disappointed. There is so much magic and wonder in this game. I guess I can't complain because we did break the terms of use and play together, but honestly... I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Nothing was more fun than playing this game with my husband. 

All I'm left with is the anger and sadness of this ending to our story. Thanks for the memories and farewell. 

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It sounds like your transaction reversed for some reason. The process of this is the transaction being delayed and then being automatically banned. This type of ban is normally easy to treat and just takes a ticket to resolve

You've probably confused the staff with the abundance of information; Ankama is aware that people will make many accounts and some identities can be confused with one another; I doubt Ankama would ever enforce anti-account sharing and only mentioned it as a warning if you were hacked. Just open up another ticket after some time and give them only the relevant information.  

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Maybe you subbed one of the accounts with the CC of the other one?
Giving this way to Support the "perfect justification" to ban that account, as "suspicious of account sharing" (which, in theory, is against game rules, etc) ?

(In practice, most players think these rules should be more lax, less restrictive, at least with regards to members of same family, or people living under same roof.)

(Or start giving examples not with "innocent" accounts sharing between family members, even (irl) friends. Start with accounts selling, that's where Ankama actually looses cash. While with account sharing, the funny thing is that Ankama actually wins cash, by having more people playing and more accounts being subbed.)

PS: I'll tell you about a game, which could be wooooootever game (even this one ... ); it is just a random game I will write about.

  • Case A ). Dudes sharing accs, who haven't seen themselves irl ever. One subs the other's acc with own CC; Support jumps and bans that acc; then one dude says oups, my friend was visiting me, he forgot to log off from my account, when he subbed my account, by mistake, thinking it was his. After a few long months with msgs back and forth between acc owner and Support, the acc gets unbanned.
  • Case B ). Dude uses bots, on various accs. Dude also bypasses the AvA rule "1 char def/ attck per IP in same fight", creating a huge advantage for him, his guild, his alli. He is found out by Support, guilty of both. He blames it on young age and poor understanding of English. Long story short: most of his accs get unbanned.

But, as I've said, the cases above are only about a random game, may the Pink Marshmellows Goddess forbid that it would be about the current game!!!
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Thanks for your support! I'm just exhausted with this (what I assumed would be relatively simple) mix-up. I'll take the advice and submit a second ticket later, keeping the information to just what is needed. 

I'll also just make my husband do it all through his email and give his information so at least everything will supposedly correspond properly. 

My last clarification from support remains here:

"We apologize for the inconvenience regarding this matter.

We understand that the response is not according to your expectations. However, with all the available options exhausted, we are limited with our capacity to assist you with this matter.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience and hope for your understanding" 


I understand support must be limited and overworked, but I could easily send more information.

  1. Marriage license
  2. His ID
  3. Proof of his residence in the same house as me
  4. Pictures of us together matching the picture on his license

It is baffling that I could have power of attorney over my husband if he were to ever become medically incapacitated, but can't help him with his Dofus account. 
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