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Dofus fortnite?

By Fablegamer - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 07, 2019, 19:21:27

Echo is dead, so i'm thinking of new games to play and thought of wakfu and then fortnite.. why not dofus-fortnite would be fun. ._.

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Nupe, it aint dead ...

Not fully dead, anyway ...

It is better than before merge-ing, so it is passable, I'd say ... For now ...
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-X-Ashley-X-|2019-12-08 03:01:47
According to actual stats... no it isn't. 

What stats?, if you involve everyones alts..

Where can I find these stats?, not entirely sure how you worked out that it's not dead now?

-X-Ashley-X-|2019-12-08 03:09:57
Sure, but I'm comparing the numbers to what they used to be. And they used to also factor in everyone's alts too. 

So unless you thought Echo has always been dead, it's not dead now.

I'm talking about players not alternatives, doesn't really prove anything what you're saying, ofcourse the stats will continue to rise, no one is deleting chars and most people make alts or make characters, then go back to there own servers.
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Sure, but I'm comparing the numbers to what they used to be. And they used to also factor in everyone's alts too. 

So unless you thought Echo has always been dead, it's not dead now.

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Stop playing the semantics game.
1. Echo is not dead, because there are still players playing. Dead means no life, as long as there are players playing, a server is not dead.
2. Echo is also not dying because those playing will probably play for years to come. 
3. Echo is simply decreasing population.

Now for the OP's thought on playing wakfu, fortnite and dofus-fortnite.
Wakfu: Similar to Dofus and also shares the decreasing population trend of Dofus so, if your problem is decreasing population, Wakfu will not be much different.
Fortnite: Go ahead, noone is stopping you from jumping the bandwagon.
Dofus-Fortnite: Are you suggesting a battle royale type Dofus? Why not, It would be fun, but I don't think Ankama can make something like that.

Now my question is.... If your problem is Echo, why not try the trending new servers?


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Can't transfer on echo, don't want to start over.

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-X-Ashley-X-|2019-12-08 05:36:33
I'm not offended and I didn't ask you to stop saying anything. But saying it's dead isn't a matter of opinion, it's either fact or not fact. If you mean dead as in... you don't have friends who play, then okay. But that's another definition.

That message wasn't sent for you, unless you're Shadowofdeath...
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That wasn’t made clear.

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The right word isn't dead its dying. About a year ago my guild could have 50+ people on at 1 time now i'm lucky to see 20+, not to mention the stats don't erase bots from the equation.

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The point is, the stats from some time in the past include bots. And the stats from now include bots. So, if the number of active players shown by the stats hasn’t changed since before, and if echo is actually dying, then it would have to mean the number of bots increased to compensate for the loss of players. I’d find that strange, given Ankama’s anti-bot measures. I don’t see nearly as many bots as I used to...

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