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In-game shop overhaul and new features

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - December 11, 2019, 15:00:00
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Up until now, all shop items have been on just one page, which you can easily view by scrolling. But now browsing is faster, so you can see items from one page to another. The items appear larger now, and when you hover over an item, the details are displayed.


Cash purchases

In addition to purchases with ogrines, you can now purchase items in game (and in the web store too) with a debit card.

Step 1: If do not have a card registered, you are redirected to the website for your first payment.

Step 2: Then, at your next purchase, if you have a card registered for payment, you may then select it. You can manage your payment methods at any time and delete it:

Step 3: You will be sent a verification code by SMS or by email based on the choices you make for this payment card. You can manage your payment methods at any time and change your email address or add your telephone number:

You can now purchase packs of ogrines in the game shop.

Purchases / codes / gifts

There is a new "Purchases/Codes/Gifts" tab, which replaces the old "Veteran rewards" tab.

You can still unlock all the "Veteran rewards."

You can now enter your codes in game, which you couldn't do before.

Your purchases, gifts, subscription tokens and pending tokens are available in the interface and are no longer in the old "rewards chest," which is now solely reserved for achievements.

You can also open your mystery boxes right in this interface.

P.S. The new Kama Exchange interface was initially scheduled for July 2019, but it had had to be postponed. It is coming out in the next month.

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Mine is very purple!

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that might be because you Skin for the client isnt up to the current version wink
The purplish stuff always happens on updates

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Why was class change removed from the in-game store? I like the update otherwise, a much needed update

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It's still there, and still too expensive...

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You created a loot box animation interface. What, you want a pat in the back for that?

Get outta here.

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Just you wait for the animated Ank Launcer ... wubkisstongue

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