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What's the deal with Tal Kasha?

By -X-Ashley-X- - SUBSCRIBER - January 03, 2020, 07:28:51

I hadn't run Tal Kasha in a while. I tried again tonight and either the fight isn't possible anymore, or they changed it in a way I'm unaware of, or I'm missing something.

I killed three separate enemies, got three separate glyphs.

According to the French website, Tal Kasha only has to pass over a glyph to be vulned. So, for attempt 1, I had 3 glyphs lined up next to each other. I had an enu swap Tal Kasha on one, then I released it across the others. Nothing happened.

Okay, maybe it has to start its turn on a glyph? Tried pushing it onto a glyph. As soon as the next player started and the enemies came back, it simply moved the glyph off Tal Kasha and spawned it to the side. No way to vuln it like that.

So... maybe the last character in initiative has to put it on a glyph? Tried that too and had the same problem. Enemies came back on Tal Kasha's turn and moved it off the glyph, and no vuln states.

I figured maybe it was because I left the pyramid alive and not all enemies had made a glyph. Killed that and repeated the same above steps, and still no vuln state occurred.

So what's going on? Did this fight get changed? I don't remember it being this hard. I spent 2 hours in it trying to figure it out only to quit because I had no ideas left.

Actually I think the answer might be the one thing I didn't think to do that the wiki says: move the thing off the glyph and not kill it and then put Tal Kasha on it. I'll have to try tomorrow...

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Basically your edit is your answer, you have to let the monsters move or push the monsters of the glyph. Then tal kasha has to start her turn on the glyph.

If you spawn killing the monsters, you wont be able to vuln tal kasha.

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To vuln Kasha you have to kill each of her lackeys at least once. When revived, monster puts a glyph where it came back to life. Then either you move it or wait for monster to leave that spot and put Kasha on this glyph. If boss starts her turn on that glyph she will change her state and monster whose glyph was used will not spawn another one when revived. Be aware that you have to use glyphs of 3 different monsters and its not posibble to use all in 1 turn. If you kill monster on spot where another died only the last one will be resurrected! That way you can prevent yourself from vulning the boss if you get rid off monster whose glyph was not used. On the other hand if it was used you can make fight easier by killing even two monsters for good.

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That was definitely it, and I feel dumb for not reading the wiki first.

Thanks guys.

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