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Let's talk about Crocoburio's fight (and impossible quest fights in general)

By DofuLloyd#4004 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 04, 2020, 10:03:53

Crocoburio is one of the most overloaded fights I've ever played in this game. There are too many things going on and the mob does too many things as well and you are alone. Vortex doesn't even compare. Let's sum them up. 

Crocoburio has 10000 HP, good resistances, high MP/AP dodge, no weaknesses, 6 MP, 20 AP, and can:

  • Give himself a 500/750/1000 points shield.
  • Place two gliphs, both damaging, one of which gives Erosion, the other buffing him giving him even more resistance.
  • Remove Range from range while also giving Erosion.
  • Attract himself to you, make himself Heavy and remove Dodge. No escape allowed.
  • Steal HP in melee while removing 100 MP.
  • Become Invulnerable while giving himself 4 MP when below certain thresholds of HP.
  • Summon one of his Powers randomly on the map, usually in the worst position ever for you unless you're lucky, which you have to go melee with in order to summon Crocobur and wait for a turn for it to kill the Power. Then you have to retrieve Crocobur or it will likely be killed, making the rest of the fight excruciatingly impossible, thus requiring you to stick around in a bad position.
  • Summon two soldiers which attack from range and multiply themselves if you take too much time killing them.
  • Increase his damage and gliph range as the fight goes on and his HP threshold lowers.

The only ways I beat this fight was by not doing the fight, meaning: I eroded him to death while repelling him and healing him to avoid falling below the HP threshold with both my Ecaflip and Eliotrop (sadly only the first one can apply Erosion, so the second one had to resort to natural Erosion and the fight took 100+ turns). I literally skipped the fight as it was intended: I didn't gather Crocoburio's Power with Crocobur, I prevented him from spawning them and right away killed him. This feels extremely odd and I can't imagine what other classes go through for this guy. I guess for some classes it's one of those outright impossible fights unless you specifically buy a certain set tailored around it, which is one of the most frustrating things in the game (that's not "hard" nor "difficult", it's just badly designed). With my Pandawa, I'll probably use the Aroumb idol to heal him* while throwing him away every turn, using the same strategy. I have no idea how to do this with my Water/Fire Enutrof and I don't even want to think about it.

I think this fight is one of the examples of "difficulty" brought to such insane extremes that it becomes outright nonsense, others being e.g. The Bird of Time and Ganymede, which are 99% impossible unless you buy a specific set and follow a specific strategy, which I did, and basically auto-win. Frankly, this just looks like bad design. You either follow that one good strategy while buying a tailored set and proceed to autowin the fight, or it's outright impossible. This doesn't feel right at all. I'd like Ankama to rethink some of these design choices in order to make the fights not easier, mind you, but more accessible. You should be able to beat the fight with a regulard build in a regular, hard way. It doesn't honestly make sense that you either auto-win with a specific strategy and set or you just can't beat it. I mean, it's a game, it should be fun. This isn't.

What do you guys think?

* EDIT: I just found out that idols can't be used anymore with Crocoburio. So classes that don't have innate healing can't use the Erosion strategy with the Aroumb. I fail to understand the reason for this... Why did you make this fight so frustrating for some classes only? I did it  with my Pandawa anyway thanks to the spell variant Stretcher, which heals entities that you throw over another entity... Took 1 hour and 150 turns of pure fun and excitment.
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I feel the same way as you do, on the other hand I love the tactical fights since they are fair for everyone, fun and challenging (not all of them like the ebony one). Something needs to change in my opinion. Ebony questline as an Ecaflip was outright frustrating as a returning player with limited amounts of gear and kamas.

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Yeah! Don't get me wrong, I love "tactical" fights like those at the end of the Crimson and Turquoise. Classes and sets become irrelevant, they are fair and challenging in a fun way. As far as I know, there's a similar one in the Ebony questline too. "Tactical" fights aren't a problem, solo fights against overloaded and overpowered "bosses" are. I'm just glad I made it through with three characters over four, I felt relief rather than joy at the end. It wasn't fun at all.

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I know what you mean. As an intelligence Eni I didn’t have “too” much trouble on Crocoburio, but there were some fights that I considered 100% impossible while staying int.

One was the Mushd fight in incarnam from the ebony quest. I have rather good gear and many variations for my intel set, and I tried every possible thing I could think of only to die many, many times. It actually wasn’t too bad once I bought a chance set and could hit in AoE and heal at the same time, but it annoyed me that I had to buy a whole new set to do this fight.

Another was the final 6/6 fight against the Norrai. I considered it 100% impossible for an int Eni. I ended up having to buy a high crit res set and use the guaranteed crit idol (and a chance set) to win it. It’s so bad that you basically have to get one or two specific starting positions to even have a chance, and if not you quit and try again. I literally almost quit the game from that fight because of the levels of frustration.

One more worth mentioning is Bulak from the Ebony quest. I about considered him impossible for an int Eni as well after dying a huge number of times, but I managed to figure out one strategy that could do it (getting Coney up in a corner blocked by a cawwot and then keeping him out of range of going for it or hitting it, while using an extremely tanky close combat set). Even then I had to buy new gear to get through it, but I could stay int.

So yeah, some of the fights are ridiculous. A few of them in ebony about drove a friend of mine to quit as well over how ridiculous they were. I enjoy a challenge but when it’s to the point where I have to buy entirely new gear to have a chance when I already have great gear, it annoys me.

Also, I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to do these quests on my Enu.

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I could not agree more, for I have been in similari situations myself. As a cra, I found Bulak particularly stupid. Luckily I came to know about an incarnation that made the fight easier with invisibility, or I would still be stuck there.
(It was a bow that turns you into a Kannibal by the way... I forgot the name, but I know It was lv.41)

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I'm currently playing an Ouginak, which makes this fight so frustratingly impossible. I'm a PvM Agi build, so my res isn't amazing, I have 0 range spells that work well and consistently, I have tried using tank sets, I have borrowed Str sets, chance sets, int sets, I tried with erosion tactics using a Thanos staff to heal him back up with Gangrene, I have tried using a catseye bow and running away to keep him at distance (Which seems impossible without range pushback spells) it's absolutely ridiculous.

I have been trying to win this fight for 2 days nonstop, well over 20 hours just dying to this fight. It's making me consider changing class just for this one fight, and changing back when it's done. But that will cost 20-30mk and that's kind of ridiculous for 1 fight. 

I'm completely at a loss of how I can even attempt to win this fight without spending millions on random things to try. 

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Int osa here, crying over this fight as well.

To be fair, I'm a lousy solo player so I don't know if I am having troubles doing this fight because of me or because it is indeed a difficult fight. 

Reading that I'm not the only one having difficulties, makes me a bit less sad... 

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I hope things will change in the future. Even if I finally made it, this fight completely destroyed my will to play this game. I felt everything but enjoyment at the end of the day. Relief was the most prominent feeling I got after completing this quest. This is definetely not what I want from a game to spend my free time with. I want to have fun and have a good time, having to buy a set specifically to complete a quest isn't any of the two. As of now, once again, I'm left drained and tired by Dofus' inexplicable peaks of "difficulty", or rather, outright bad design disguised as difficulty. See you again in six months or so, as always, Dofus...

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I agree it's one of the harder quest fights in the game.  If you truly want to lose your will to live might I suggest the quest Plants vs Zombies or the entire Lavasmith questline. 

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yeah maybe the solution to that would be given an incarnation form every time u start such tactical fights  for every player so you can have some special spells to be able to deal with it instead of having to class change to win some or buying expensive sets to cheat your way out. doubt anything is going to change though. 
I do enjoy the fight vs Bolgrot or Dark vlad !
But i  do not understand what is happening to the rest questlines , Especially some main quest fights that are impossible to deal with some classes.
I get that they have to make some cash out of class changes but its very expensive to class change at 200 every while  to do the main story. And the lore is beautiful the story of those questlines is beautiful. Its just sad that things work that way

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