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TRIVIA FACT : Currency of payment changes on WEBSHOP, according to the payment method selected

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - January 14, 2020, 11:46:03
Good afternoon.

As the title says:

Currency of payment changes on WEBSHOP according to the payment method selected:

1) NO payment method selected >>> currency = EUR

2) credit card selected as payment method >>> currency = USD, plus one pack unavailable for being purchased

3) more payment options, paysafecard selected as payment options >>> currency = EUR

4) paypal selected as payment option >>> currency = my local currency

[ EDIT : ]
edawrdkung|2020-01-14 16:03:10
Why two posts with two different walls of text/pics?

Then, here, unaware players can see that the currency on website shop modifies, depending on the payment method chosen by the player.

And yes, there is one thing you have noticed very well: they are 2 (two) [different] posts with 2 (two) different walls of text/ pics; cuz they are about two different issues/ themes: one about the in game shop, one about the website shop. 
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