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A Few Words from Logan to Kick Off 2020!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - January 17, 2020, 17:00:00
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2019 was an eventful year for DOFUS, but now it's behind us, and 2020 awaits with its own fair share of new developments and projects.

Dear adventurers of the Krosmoz,

On behalf of the DOFUS team and all of our teams at Ankama, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the new year, whether it's in your personal life, your career, or your adventures in the World of Twelve!

Whenever a page is turned, it's traditional to stop and take a look back. We experienced two different editions of the Temporis servers, saw the beginning of the Eliocalypse with the first chapter of the new narrative arc, "Resonance", took a chocolate break on Fleaster Island, got our hands on the Vulbis Dofus in an epic quest, celebrated DOFUS's 15th anniversary all together at Ankama, and (for the truly courageous among you) took on the Four Horsemen of the Eliocalypse before Kwismas. Not bad!

What better way to celebrate 15 years of adventure together than by going back to our roots with the release of DOFUS Retro? We were happy to see many new adventurers who hadn't had the chance to explore the original version of the World of Twelve, along with long-time players who waxed nostalgic at the memory of the great adventure wearing a Gobball set and a horrible roll on the Cawwot Dofus.

Now it's time to turn to what lies ahead this year, so here's an overview of what we're planning. Of course, lots of things can change depending on the events and new developments, but all this is definitely on our roadmap as I write these lines!

War, Corruption, Misery and Servitude are on the warpath, and the Eliocalypse is spreading rapidly. You're starting to get an idea of the apocalyptic future that could be in store for the entire Krosmoz…

But your troubles are far from over. The second part of the Four Horsemen of the Eliocalypse update will be arriving soon, and it'll take immense power if you hope to stop their evil plan. A huge challenge lies ahead if you're going to ward off the visions of a War in Cania and finish the first chapter, "Eliocalypse – Resonance", with a bang!

It'll then be time to start a new and exciting adventure with the return of the Temporis servers and their 4th edition.

This edition will offer lots of new features and even richer and more surprising rules, and perhaps some… let's just say, unexpected… drop mechanics.

We're also taking this opportunity to improve the long-term viability of the Temporis experience and the rhythm of play, both for very occasional players and the toughest challengers among you. Our magic formula has something exciting for everyone – we hope you enjoy it!

After a long wait, Pandala Island will be getting a serious makeover this year. Prepare to be mightily impressed by our overhaul of this region – one of the biggest and oldest areas in the game!

It's still too early to share any more details, but we're pulling out all the stops to add new touches to Pandala Island that will surprise you while still preserving its original soul. For now, let's just say that when we call this an "overhaul", we're talking about the most ambitious makeover that's ever been done in DOFUS.

Finally, the success of DOFUS is due in no small part to its social aspect, which has been a fantastic tool for letting players experience adventures as a guild or engage in fierce confrontations for control of different territories. Still, certain mechanics are starting to show their age, while others never quite fulfilled their original ambitions. We'll be working on these.

Here's an initial overview of a few changes coming your way this year. Please keep in mind that this list is far from exhaustive – we're working on lots of other things too, like Kolossium seasons, but we'll have more to say about those later. Moreover, next week we will get back to you with details on the future of the Heroic server.

As a reminder, our goal with DOFUS Retro is to provide only bug fixes, and usability and interface updates, but we hope to maintain the promise of an authentic "retro" adventure. That's why we don't plan to add any new content like zones, dungeons, etc.

However, we never miss an opportunity to enrich the DOFUS Retro experience, and we'll soon be starting on the release of update 1.31, which will include a first batch of fixes and improvements. This is only the first step for the new team that's just gotten set up!

The server merger process is making progress. The servers' population is stabilizing, allowing us to plan for future server mergers to come for DOFUS Retro.

To celebrate this merger, in-game community events will be returning to DOFUS Retro, starting with an event to obtain the precious Lakeside Palace! We can't wait for you to adopt all those Dragoturkeys in need of a good home, and maybe even buy yourself a house once the merger is complete!

Finally, while we're on the subject of bringing new life to DOFUS Retro, we'll be giving it a makeover with the upcoming release of DOFUS Remastered. This remastered version of the old game client was lovingly developed by Dusk and the teams at Ankama and will offer reworked graphics for the occasion. We've also taken the opportunity to go a little further with the original idea, and we're very happy with the result we'll be presenting to you.

As a reminder, this remastered version will be an option you can activate in the Ankama Launcher so you can play the version you choose!

So there you have it: a little peek at the adventures that await you this year. Once again, we wish you all the best, and we hope to see you very soon in the World of Twelve!

– Logan

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Are there any plans to release a new class or two this year? I think 20 classes would be awesome for 2020!
Are guilds also going to get Omega levels? that would be sweet too haha!
I'm excited to see what comes, Happy New Year to you as well Ankama!

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"Finally, the success of DOFUS is due in no small part to its social aspect"

Then why isn't the chat fixed yet? It's been bugged for months.

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The Eiffel Tower wasn't built in a day nor was Rome.

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Please add a new class. its been way too long since the last class they released.

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They're still struggling with the classes that have been out for almost a decade now.. Doubt they can do another release for a year or two 

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any way to merge more servers with echo?... everyone is just playing on mono servers and the economy is dying

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