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Kolosium Solo 3v3 = prank?

By Koszmar - SUBSCRIBER - January 18, 2020, 20:35:58

I don't even know where to start. My suggestion is to bring back kolosium solo 3v3 that was in season 1,2 and 3, with some lower restrictions to climb. Because just now, My rating is at  +/- 4,400 and i get "legends" (the only thingI can say about most of them is XD) with rating between 3000-3500 and they suicide in first or second turn. STILL their placement in leaderboards is top 50??? That means rating doesn't matter any place and you must play as much as possible and win maybe 40% of your matches to climb? Most Legends from seasons 1-3 that were on 5k+ rating aren't in top 100. I am not sure about the reason, but if top 3 players doesn't reach ratings higher than 3200 and are still top 3, then something went wrong. 
Maybe make a system where you don't get 60+ points for a win at start, but make it even. +15 while winning, -10 while losing or even -15 too. Even higher numbers at lower elo and drop them down while you climb to higher leagues. The second thing is that you should let rating have more impact on leaderboards or maybe let leaderboards be based on rating + wins? 
Just change this system please, Legends should be top players in game and actually bad players are on the top. Few thousands legends in last 3 seasons only confirm what i'm saying. 

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Well said @Koszmar 
Also this is a Joke, that 60 lvl or 135lvl can be in Top 10 in kolosium ranking 
This season of kolosium is not worth to play, rating have no impact on matchmakeing, i this matchmakeing is just random script wrote by.... Oh nvm

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As long as we're not able to drop in leagues, people who kolo often will always eventually hit Legend, whether they're good or not. For leagues to truly ever matter, we need to be able to drop in leagues.

The leaderboard would be fine if it went back to organizing characters by rating instead of their league, but then it'd be really obvious how much of a joke the current league system is, with people in Gold being better/higher rated than people in Legend.

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