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New Prysmaradites and 5v5 PvP

By suppo-sepi - SUBSCRIBER - January 23, 2020, 18:01:36

Hello Everyone!

I am very worried what will happen to 5v5 meta (percs+prisms) in the next few weeks.
It's about the new prysmaradite Shiny Prytekt (50% current health in shield points for first two rounds)
Nothing special about that item if 1 or 2 people on each team have it, but if everyone in the fight has one it becomes a MUST HAVE item.

If you don't have it but everyone else in the fight does you will automatically get focused first every fight.
If everyone wears one it will make fights last atleast TWICE as long than they currently are.
Very unhealthy game design right there.

It is reletively easy to get since alot of people are farming infinite dreams.

In few weeks it will be accessible to all of high tier pvp-players.

There are few solutions that i came up with to fix this item in 5v5:
1. Nerf the shield amount down alot and change the 3 turn one accordingly. The 1 turn one doesn't matter.
2. Make it so the shield is unbewitchable.
3. Only 1 Prytekt for each team. Maybe for the player with lowest initiative?

If nothing is done 5v5's will be ruined for sure.


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I completely agree with you.

In my opinion, nerfing the shield amount is way better (Making it 20% of the base HP).

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IMO the numbers aren't terrible in PvM, or like Medoish said when 1 or 2 people has it. So I think another fix might be having a common shield pool for everyone with the thropy.

Example: 3 out of 5 people has it. Out of the 3 people, the one with the highest health has 5000HP, so all three of them will get 2500 shield for two turns. But when one of them is damaged the shield will be removed equally from all of them.

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With every update game developers make it harder for new players to engage in PvP action and not be categorized as "noobs". Over the years so much stuff has been made mandatory to have if you want to succeed in the PvP field. The new prysmaradites are the latest addition to a "must-have PvP items" list. These prysmaradites create a huge gap between those who possess them and those who do not. The result of PvP fight should be decided by players' skills and strategy, not by an overpowered expensive prysmaradite which gives your opponent 2.5k extra HP.

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just entered a 5v5 perc fight, even as a masq I can't compete against this sheild lol  It better than the class Masq. 0.0

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