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Infinite Dreams Balancing

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Prod - ANKAMA - February 11, 2020, 18:00:00

Hello, everyone!

In the last few days you might have seen some announcements about the drop rate for legends acquired from chests in the Infinite Dreams. That's because tomorrow marks the arrival of the Dreams balancing update that was announced in this devblog last November.
Scroll down now to comb through the list of changes coming tomorrow (these will also be available in the changelog; I've just added a bit more detail here for those who are curious!).


We've updated the experience gain; the following issues have been fixed:
  • The gain is no longer excessive as it was in 2019.
  • The gain is no longer ridiculous beyond floor 400.
  • The way the gain is calculated now works with difficulty score.

The base experience gained in Dreams progresses as follows for a level 200 character without wisdom, experience multipliers, idols, or challenges (values have been significantly rounded):
  • Floor 200: 480000
  • Floor 300: 650000
  • Floor 400: 730000
  • Floor 1000: 860000

This base is influenced by the difficulty score; each point above (or below) the floor increases (or decreases) the base gain by 1%.

This is in addition to wisdom, multipliers, challenges, and idols.

Note: These changes should stabilize the experience gain in Dreams, reduce unpleasant surprises, as well as prevent overuse. We'll of course continue to keep an eye on Dreams and listen to your feedback on this.

Difficulty Score

We've changed the way this score is calculated on the basis of your feedback. The difficulty rating for keepers has been updated, and the (hidden) importance of the map has been reduced, particularly for weak keepers. You should no longer (too often) come across rooms that seem a lot easier but have higher scores than difficult rooms.
The specifics:
  • Each keeper's power rating is better and more current.
  • Waves of keepers are now rated higher to offset the arduous aspect of combat.
  • The importance of the map has been reduced for keepers deemed weak.
  • Scores have been increased slightly on floors 200-220.
  • The impact of nightmares and paradoxes has been reduced slightly.
  • The keeper's double is even more highly valued than before.

Note: This new way of calculating the score should have more reliable results in most cases. If you find this isn't the case while playing, please let us know in the forums.

Dream Points

The dream point gain has been changed slightly to add value to rooms with high scores, reducing the impact of challenges on gains.
  • The maximum base dream point gain has been reduced from 400 to 350.
  • The score's influence is increasing from 1% to 2% (extra gain per score point above or below the floor).

Characteristic Bonuses

Characteristic bonuses will be much more common in lower floors (below 400).
For anyone who's interested, here is a before-and-after of the approximate distribution (in %) of various types of purchases in the Infinite Dreams:
Type Floor 201 Floor 251 Floor 301 Floor 351 Floor 401
Redistribution 16 → 9.7 15.5 → 9.5 15.5 → 12.3 15.5 → 14.5 15.5 → 15.5
Characteristic bonus 8 → 44.3 11.4 → 45.5 11.4 → 29.5 11.4 → 17.2 11.4 → 11.1
Positive modifier 12.9 → 13 12.4 → 12.8 12.4 → 16.5 12.4 → 19.4 12.4 → 20.8
Additional keeper 63.1 → 33 60.8 → 32.3 60.8 → 41.7 60.8 → 49 60.8 → 52.6

Beyond floor 400, the proportion of increased and maximum bonuses is what changes. The accumulated probability of getting these bonuses doesn't change, but an increased bonus is now more likely than a maximum bonus (50/50 → 67/33).


As you already know, the drop rate for legends and animal legends will be reduced. We think it's better over the long run to keep these items very rare.


Dreamer ornaments 2-13 are finally available from the NPC Infinu on the map to enter the Well of Infinite Dreams. You'll only be able to view one price at a time, so here's the complete list:
  • Dreamer 2: 400 infinite reflections
  • Dreamer 3: 5,000 infinite reflections
  • Dreamer 4: 48,000 infinite reflections
  • Dreamer 5: 290,000 infinite reflections
  • Dreamer 6: 1 200 000 infinite reflections
  • Dreamer 7: 4 500 000 infinite reflections
  • Dreamer 8: 14 000 000 infinite reflections
  • Dreamer 9: 42 000 000 infinite reflections
  • Dreamer 10: 115 000 000 infinite reflections
  • Dreamer 11: 320 000 000 infinite reflections
  • Dreamer 12: 850 000 000 infinite reflections
  • Dreamer 13: 2 000 000,000 infinite reflections
We reckon it'll take the most committed players several years to unlock the last ornament. Feel free to prove us wrong! happy

That's all for tomorrow! 

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