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All-new avatars for DOFUS Retro!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - February 25, 2020, 17:30:00
DOFUS Retro just keeps getting better, and now it has its own avatar gallery!
 DOFUS Retro owes its charm to its unique and inimitable visual style. Want to proudly display your love for the game and your status as a member of the old-timers' fan club? Choose an avatar that lets everyone know you've been into this game since way back in the day!

Alongside the avatar gallery that's available to everyone, we're now adding a new gallery with all-new visuals. It's our way of rewarding the players who are making a positive contribution to the process of improving this version. Their invaluable assistance helps us to prepare awesome new updates. The list of players who have access to this gallery is updated every month, so if you don't see your name there yet, don't panic!

In the future, we may well decide to add more avatars to the default gallery and to create new galleries as well… with access reserved to the winners of certain events, for example.

So don't just sit there… Head straight to the gallery and choose your new avatar!
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