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Sacrier: let the playtest begin!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - February 27, 2020, 16:00:00

The Sacrier class is getting a brutal facelift in the next major update. Come test these changes early on the BETA version!

After your feedback, Crocus proposed new changes to the Sacrier class. It's time to put theory into practice with the new BETA version, which will be open starting this Thursday, February 27.

Here's an overview of the changes we've made:

  • Removal of the Bleeding mechanic
  • Enhancement of the Suffering mechanic (because they love it so much)
  • Improvement of Berserk spells
  • Overall balancing of spells (buffs and nerfs)

For all the details of these changes, check out the changelog:

Based on your feedback, other changes might take place during the beta period. It will remain open for about 1 month, which should be enough time to collect plenty of feedback and refine the balancing (and you know how refined we are).

Building a better beta

We'll be testing a different way of managing the beta than usual, to help us speed up this type of process in the future (for one-time betas on a specific issue).

You won't have your characters as you normally would, but you will have everything you need to test the changes under the best possible conditions:

  • Access to most equipment in the game (Dofus included)
  • Experience scrolls to test at different levels, just like with traditional levelling
  • Various consumables

NPCs will be posted on the merchant squares in Astrup and Amakna Village to sell you these items and equipment for truly unbeatable prices.

Will we be able to fight in the Kolossium?

Yes, the Kolossium will also be accessible on the beta server for PvP players.

I don't have any kamas on the beta. What do I do?

May Enutrof have mercy… Every item and every piece of equipment will be sold for the paltry sum of just 1 kama. Even the tiniest achievement, level increase, or fight will give you enough to easily afford whatever you need. And if times still get tough, you can sell that same equipment back to the NPCs and cheat the God Enutrof himself. (Talk about a great system…)

We're looking forward to seeing lots of you on the server to get as much feedback as possible. So whether you're a Sacrier or not, feel free to come and have a look around!

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Score : 3052
Undo the last osa nerf ty 
0 -3
Score : 431
What Beehive said, stop fucking up my osa.
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Score : 69
Sure thing, but how about.. And this is just a thought.. But how about you start fixing bugs, instead of constantly raping the classes, and players too, for that matter
2 0
Score : 898
im tired of this every month/every 2 months class reconstruction..
last 3years looks like constant beta testing for sacriers.. im stick to sac for 15years and after changes im always feel like newb.. its quite annoying to learn my class over, and over, and over agine..
and why we cant comment in detail changlog? are u afraid of feedback?

it seems that most of those changes looks ok, tons of synergies. big hit into mobility but its price of better support role i guess.. in another hand 1 stat less to improve during set making (big +for str players). anyway im gonna test it asap
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Score : 146
stop nerf or what so ever u do to sacrier every few month it is so tiring :'(
2 0
Score : 203
1 -1
Score : 3490
This legit is ruining this game for me, you're reworking this class every other month...
1 0
Score : 721
At this point please revert back to how sac was originally was or the very first revamp cause those were the best versions that sacs used to be. Its sad seeing sacs get revamped constantly and the one time they got it right on the first one they nerfed it to the ground. i kinda stopped playing dofus 2 because of how terrible sacs were and you know other reasons...
2 -1
Score : 314
i can't seem to find access to the beta test. please help
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Score : 1827
Great changes! The bleeding indeed felt redundant, the other changes keep true to the current version of the sac while making the class more interesting. Seems like far more options, also making suffering more important adding some actual management to the class. Loving it so far!
1 -1
Score : 916
I quit being a scarier after the first few years of 2.0 cause they completely changed the class. I am so glad I switched main classes cause this is nothing like the class I knew and loved.
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Score : 1
unhealable state in berserk mode i believe is against the idea of the class , self wounding and life stealing , it is already gimmicky spell since you will get 1 shot when you use it since you are down to like 400 500 hp from 4500hp , on top of that the unhealable state just guarantees death, you can use it to kamikaze someone but its not what sacriers about , you need to stay alive and lifesteal. with the new coagulation giving %30 of your hp back after 1 turn it would be a nice combo.
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Score : 661
Can y’all just stop raping this class every month please? Cus we dont really need you nerds to nerf/buff sacs anymore. Thanks
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Score : 2980
Instead of giving Sacrier its 18th rework maybe make Eca and Osa into playable classes again.
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Score : 4
i am not totally sold on this sac yet, as its not very often the sac gets a revamp that doesn't either totally nerf or revamp them. with that said though, these changes don't totally change the class and do seem interesting. after testing the beta i feel much better about the way they are going with them and will be interested to see how they work better.

still confused by coagulation and how it works i don't seem to be gaining any shields like it says. also summoning sword life doesn't seem to change.

it is very nice to know that i wont be able to kill myself using my main attack anymore.

also easier to pick the berserk spell now because it is tied to jashin which was a spell so situational i never used it.

thorn of crown no longer works with mutilation, no big deal but was noticed.

please throw out thoughts and things you noticed and give me some feed back. trying to understand the new changes better
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Score : 772
Guys, Ankama is just being super committed to this world! Making sacriers suffer as they might biggrin
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Score : 477
Lol, again
1 0
Score : 1827
Overall, the changes seem well thought out so far. The french community is also quite happy with them apart from some nay-sayers memeing "lol, yet another rework". Good work I'd say! Keep it up.
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Score : 3254
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