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Soon They Will Rise…

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 03, 2020, 17:00:00
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Unite and resist! For a while now, the disciples of the Twelve have had to join forces in a struggle against oppression…

Eternal fence-sitters, a one-of-a-kind adventure is on its way to you and will be here soon. The time has come to reinvent the codes set forth by the Twelve…

Speculating about a potential Aperirel 1st hoax or possible class merger would be a waste of time!

Instead, pay attention to what's coming…

Important: There aren't any commercial offers available in the game at this time, and there isn't even a "Scrollsayer" item yet. Any offer currently using that word will be a phishing attempt. Ankama does not make any offers requiring you to log in to the site to obtain resources for free. Thank you for your vigilance!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to misai

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See message in context
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I got it the first time it was announced, thanks.

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Is this some kind of event where you need to team up...? pensive
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Maybe instead of putting more content into this garbage game client, which can't handle current content, make a new one and stop wasting time on things that dont matter?

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So... a new class that uses the spells from others..? HMM sleep

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"Speculating about a potential Aperirel 1st hoax or possible class merger would be a waste of time!" *Kappa*

They put the answer right there.. 

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If it is a waste of time, then it is not about Apr 1 nor class merge which was the replies on the first thread about scrollsayers. 

And I was anticipating the class merging system. That is a letdown for me. I wonder what it could be. Hopefully it is something interesting and not just an event.

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I hope it's something actually interesting instead of something boring like an event. This game needs something fundamentally different, not just more standard content thrown at it. I want something that makes me want to play again...

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What about a Fecadida? or a Crautrof?

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just when i was thinking, they cant screw dofus up anymore than its screwed atm, they found a way to do it again, good job, need to push away the last bunch of people still playing.

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We don't even know what this is... bruh

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Next temporis!!!

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Ilyzaelle server has huge performance issues. People are experiencing terrible lags, game is not running smooth at all. You need to relog every 20 minutes in game, or every 5 minutes if you are playing in bonta. Chat is bugged. In kolossium you cannot link items outside of fights. Another chat bugs are deleting your character if you want to add something in between text you already wrote. Filters of specific chats not turning off. FIX MAJOR BUGS. Stop wasting your time on updates when game is in terrible performance condition. Remove FLASH it doesn't work, even Steve Jobs told it back in 2007. Stop forcing technology that is meant to die like dinosaurs in Vulkania.

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yeah but we need to rework sacrier a 10th time first, priorities right

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We shouldn't have expected anything big, the images don't look like anything big.
May be its 2 player PvE content? There is a lack of reason for team ups like that right now.

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april 1st?

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prob... it will be scrolls wich will giwe opption to put 2 class together.. sadi and osa.... iop and sacri..... its fcked.....

iop need range... or diffrent shields in cc or more jumping....... im up for ---------------XELORIOP----------- IOPECA-------- SACROGY

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2vs2 KOLO

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I am still not able to guess what all this means,smile?!!!
Hopefully it will be something enjoyable,smile.

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Last time I looked on news for Waven (and / or? "New/ Next Era Dofus " (not sure on newest name for it)) on allegedly another prog platform (which, honestly, I doubt it will come out by the time Flash gets out of use, sort to speak) on Tot's blog, I think there was something about being able to drop (some of the) spells? So maybe some of the spells will be already droappable, and have a bi-class use?
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Well, Ankama did have a 1st April joke a few years back, where different classes could have hybrid babies together, if you remember? laugh Was a good joke, but I think the best Ankama 1st April joke was the one where those guild centaurs, forgot their name, were to become a playable class. The example pictures were hilarious! laugh I guess it will be revealed eventually what this is.

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