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DOFUS - Confinement: Some Good News

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 24, 2020, 16:00:00
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Along with the teams of our main games – WAKFU, DOFUS and DOFUS Touch – we are still doing our very best to keep you entertained over the coming days and weeks in the hopes of making your time in self-isolation more enjoyable.

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Hello, everyone.

I'm Djinn, and I hope that you – like us – are staying home!

Today, I'm coming to you from my bedroom, because we're working from home, to announce some good news.

Let's start with DOFUS. A bit of background: Last week, we had a large influx of players. This influx consists of former players who are returning, new players discovering the game, and above all current active players increasing the amount of time they spend in the game. In order to handle the influx, we took several steps: First, we increased the number of players allowed simultaneously on the servers, and we also set up a special offer to make it easier to migrate to other servers for players who want to join their friends.

At the same time, we were consulting the various teams to find out if we could do even more. Keep in mind that we are all working remotely, and dealing with an exceptional situation, so it is sometimes more difficult to implement technically complex solutions. I'm pleased to announce that a new single-account server will be opening this Thursday! This new server will make it possible to welcome more players. Please note, however, that the server Ilyzaelle is already the result of a merger and we won't be able to merge it again with this new server. This means that even in the event of population changes in one or the other of these servers, they will remain separate.

Let me point out the importance of pre-registering for Temporis IV. Temporis is coming on March 31, and pre-registering gets you the Hobnobourglass as a gift. This item lets you recover 50 health points between fights and goes back to your inventory at the end of every fight. Above all, however, pre-registering lets us scale the server size and number of servers so we can offer you the best game experience possible. If you have not pre-registered and plan to play Temporis, do so. It's very important for everyone's comfort!

For DOFUS Retro, I know that some of you were disappointed the merger didn't happen as planned last Wednesday. The situation was changing rapidly, and government decisions were coming one after another. Some employees had to go home to take care of their children, and we weren't able to get organized fast enough to stick to the deadline with everything going on. I'm pleased to announce that we've set a new date for the server merger: April 8! Please be understanding, as the situation is changing very quickly, both for staff, and regarding server population. The information we gave you in recent weeks about the number of servers could change, and we might need to delay the merger again if the situation changes too rapidly. But in any case, our goal is to carry out the merger on April 8, and you'll soon be able to raise Dragoturkeys.

For DOFUS Touch, we are going to hold happy hours to give you bonuses during specific time slots. They will start on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. CET and will be held at different times on different servers. You'll find more information soon on our website to know which server, when, and with what bonus.

To be with you during this very unique period, and help you stay home – which is very important – we're offering new 7-day game codes. Please find below s a code for a 7-day booster in WAKFU*, and a 7-day subscription code for DOFUS. If you are already a subscriber, they will extend your subscription. They are valid for all accounts created more than three days ago.

  • DOFUS: JAHASH2020 

Thank you for your kind comments and the support you've shown our teams. On a personal level, I'm proud and glad to be working with them during this very particular period. They are truly working hard and doing everything they can to give you the best possible experience. Some of you are frustrated by the situation, but the vast majority of you understand what we're going through and for that, I say thank you.

That's it for now. I hope your second week of confinement goes well. Please take care of yourselves and your families. See you again very soon!


*valid until Sunday, March 29

First Ankama intervention

Replying to HappyinHoody

Of course! You can join in once the servers open tomorrow afternoon. smile

See message in context
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Let's release a new mono server just before the release of temporis happy messing with my emotions are u ankama?

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Will you be able to transfer your character from Ily to the new mono server?
If it is truly a fresh start without a merge or transfers I would love that! If it's just a server to spread out the population, I don't really think it's worth playing on it x)
It is very rough timing with the release of Temporis, but I'm happy that you guys are taking steps like this either way!

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Ankama responded on the french forum that we will not be able to transfer chars from Ily or any other servers to this new server for now.
No Kama Exchange either.
Looks like it's going to be a fresh start!

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хыы код на бесплатную неделю "жахач"

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Been waiting for this for years. Awesome!

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Sorry but you are a bunch of idiots releasing a new server before Temporis. Could have waited a month in at least as that is when 50% of the population die off and quit.

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What time will the new mono server go live? And will you have access to class change initially?

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I can't wait for the new temporis server biggrin

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Still hoping there will be a double XP weekend soon, even though it's not this weekend...

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why not fixing echo issues ?

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where can i get the 1 week free abbo? link plz?

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Single acc servers are completely inaccessible... Queue won't even budge!

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I missed pre registration. Will i still be able to play on the new temporis?

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Of course! You can join in once the servers open tomorrow afternoon. smile

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