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More slots in Illy please

By Xelldas - SUBSCRIBER - March 24, 2020, 21:55:48

During the Covid-19 issue, many ppl stay home, and like me want to play dofus.
But waiting over 4-5h in queue is frustrating.
Can we get more slots in Illy server?
im preety tired to pay for subscribtion and i cant even log in to the game...
Looks like im gonna have to find a better game to play.

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Such a genius, 
Most definitely not the first thing the Ankama team has thought about, 
You should think of a cure to COVID19 while you're at your genius streak of figuring out solutions to stuff.

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yes we pay yet we cant login when we want. 

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just play waiting simulator while waiting, problem solved

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Numerous threads have been created in the past few days regarding this problem. I'm sure you know why there is a sudden surge in population on Dofus. That said, your and other feedback is being noted by the Community Managers.

That's why Ankama has decided to take measures such as opening a second single-account server.

This thread is locked, as it is a duplicate.