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New Single-Account Server: Jahash Opens Today!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 26, 2020, 11:30:00

As we told you in a recent video, a new single-account server is going online today. It's called Jahash, and it's super cool! 

This new single-account server will be open to new players starting today. You will see it in the list of available servers once it's online. We'll inform players of the exact opening time through social media (Twitter and Facebook) and in the comments for this news item.

This new server is opening as a result of some exceptional circumstances. We're putting Jahash online to deal with a major influx of players. Of course, we're more than happy to do it, even though our unusual working conditions at the moment are a challenge in their own right.


General Information

Date: Opening on March 26 at 4 pm CET!



The server permits players to play just one account at a time. 
The 5 character slots are shared with another single-account server: Ilyzaelle. 


Restrictions & Accessibility

The account must be certified, with a valid telephone number. 
It will be possible to establish two simultaneous connections per IP address. We cannot allow any exceptions. As a reminder, using a VPN/proxy is prohibited by our Terms of Use.
For Shadow users, you must check with your provider to make sure that the IP address is unique and not shared. In case of a shared IP, we may not be able to guarantee you access to the server.
4G connections are allowed. However, we recommend that you contact your ISP to make sure that the connection's IP address will not be shared. Note that this does not mean that using multiple accounts is allowed.



The server will be international. Specific discussion channels will be dedicated to each of the various communities.



Since the Ilyzaelle server was already the result of a merger, Jahash cannot be merged with that server for the time being. This requires a specific development process which is not currently part of our planning.



We do not intend to allow incoming migrations from a non-single-account server. These servers have specific rules. Outgoing migrations from this server will be allowed, however.

For migrations between Ilyzaelle and Jahash: Migration will not be available at first, in order to maintain the population on Ilyzaelle and prevent transfers of high-level characters from Ilyzaelle to Jahash.


Kama Exchange

The Kama Exchange will not be available when the server first goes online. We will make it available at a time to be determined later.
The Kama Exchange will eventually be shared between Ilyzaelle and Jahash.
We are imposing this restriction to prevent kama transfers between the two servers in this initial period.



The shop will be available with no restrictions. 



It will be possible to transfer pets from Dofus Pets as soon as the server is launched. 


The server will have access to the ISK with no special changes or restrictions. 


Stars on resources will not be activated when the server is first launched.

First Ankama intervention


The servers are located in Europe. So, if you are for example from the US, there are a lot of waypoints between you and the servers, with the potential to cause some increase in response times.

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Score : 69

Do not allow kama exchange sharing with Ilyzaelle...

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Score : 3722

Is it going to be standard x1 EXP/loot as well?

0 0
Score : 16

yes justabeast

1 0
Score : 719

I can't delete my chars on illy to create one in this one though

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Score : 341


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Score : 69

Why aren't there separate character slots, it's kinda retarded.

0 -1
Score : 341

its any way to delete char on site ?

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Score : 41

Nayal, why do you think so? Because it's a paid feature, so ofc it's incentive to make more money....

0 0
Score : 116

and of course I can't log on ily to delete some of my characters

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Score : 341

same Sh it here

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Score : 63

New server is already full, awesome.

5 0
Score : 161

New server is full, and the queue for Illy is still over 3000....

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Score : 341

Shame on you. 
my payment history is 23 pages long and i cant play now. 

Shame. I am not even angry. I feel just... ehh...

GL everyone. avoid corna, be safe.

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Score : 40

Ankama - this is not fun sad
 [!] Jahash "This server is full. Only accounts with a character on this server already can access it"
you should open at least two new servers with so many new players wanting to play

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Score : 32

I can't login also...  I wanted to come back to dofus after few years and what now? I can't!sad(

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Score : 48

If Ankama cared at all about keeping server pop down, they'd make character transfers free instead of trying to profit off of them.

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Score : 40

i cant login there full already

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Score : 125

why , in a time of massive increased demand, would they open a new server ( always a massive , massive event!) with the same limitations on number and only 1 (ONE!!) new server at that, why not just open 3 or 4 with the intention of merging them after the lockdown 

1 -1
Score : 422

Yeah they put my hopes up again , after 10 days of not acessing ily, i tryed the new server, i have to acess ily to delete a char to make one here. Great kick in the nuts... if they atleast bothered to post this info yesterday so some of us can prepare properly but yeah, why bother tell people to prepara a spot before head or give another 5 slots to the new server. 

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Score : 2

cant register phone nr in latvija... you may lose like 1000-5000players....also me wink

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