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About the opening of the new mono-account server Jahash

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 26, 2020, 18:20:00

We do understand the frustration some of you might feel when trying to connect to the new mono-account server Jahash, without success.We wanted to address some points.

Opening a server is always perceived as an event by our community, and numerous players hurried to log in the server Jahash and we thank you for that. Yet, our initial goal was to offer an alternative to the Ilyzaelle server queues during this busy period, as we can see a significant influx of players.

 ”Ankama, how were you unable to foresee the number of players interested in this new server?”
Actually, Ankama proposed an emergency solution, with no other objective but reduce the number of players queueing. This wasn't an event designed to engage all players towards the mono-account experience.

“This will be the same when Temporis comes out!”
For Jahash, we wanted to respond to the situation fast and proposed a server without pre-registrations to be able to offer you a new option as soon as possible. Concerning Temporis, it's a very different story:  we carefully prepared a pre-registration system to allow us to anticipate the number of players and to calculate the number of servers needed to be able to welcome you in the best possible conditions.
(As a reminder, the pre-registration ends tonight at 11:59 pm CET)

“I subbed specifically for Jahash and now I cannot play!”
As a reminder, we have been distributing free subscription codes for the past two weeks to give you a chance to escape the lockdown and roam the Krosmoz  (don't forget: code JAHASH2020, which gives you a week's subscription).
To us, this also addresses players who have really paid a subscription and who, because of the crowds, have difficulties to connect into the game and play.

 “It’s unfair, French streamers can cut the line!”
To be crystal clear, content creators have indeed a pass giving them the right to cut the line. First and foremost, they are very limited in number and they have no impact whatsoever on the queue itself. They take part in the promotion of the game.

We’re really sorry to hear that some of you are disappointed. This situation is only temporary, the server "rush" won't last forever. Jahash will soon be easier to access, especially with the upcoming release of the long-awaited Temporis IV, which should take some of the load off the other servers.

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Is it too much to ask for another mono-server alternative? For me, the queues to Illy have not gone down.

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Before Ankama merge EN into Echo, I told them not to merge into just one server.  It would be wiser to merge all server into two server designating one as the extrovert (Main) server and the less populated as the introvert (Alternative) server. This way they can keep all the extrovert happy and still keep all the introvert playing.
1. There are players who prefer smaller population server.
2. Merging into just one server would create congestion and lag.

It seems like Ankama still don't have enough virtue of foresight, and would prefer to break things first before fixing it crudely with tape.... Backward and primitive protocol.. I quit playing the game when Echo became too lag for me to play on, wasting 3 months of my subscription. Ankama still keep doing this stupid merge and then later when their merged server become congested, they would simply create a new one to sell server transfer.

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this new server is stupid redic to log into and i pay good money to you guys this needs to be fixed.... >.>

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