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By Woxy2 - SUBSCRIBER - March 28, 2020, 18:04:15

Hi guys, I'm thinking about coming back to Dofus but just wanted to see if it's still an active community with new players? I will be starting completely from scratch so looking for some tips for a newbie you could say smile

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Depends on what server you’re wanting to play on. The single account servers are quite active, though largely French people. If you go on those you’ll definitely want to find an English guild that is friendly to new players.

On Echo I saw quite a few new players yesterday. I think the whole apocalyptic situation going on currently is raising the population on all servers. I’m always happy to help new players in game on Echo if I can, just message Corrupted-Girl.

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The mono-account servers are so active that the queue to log in takes literal hours during peak times.

So, if you want to avoid that, your only options are to either play on Echo, or on special servers like Heroic/Epic.

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