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The Story of Dofus

By lmfea#3438 - SUBSCRIBER - April 04, 2020, 12:47:15


Lately i got kinda intrested in the lore in our World of Twelve. I've read some stuff about the krozmos wiki about the gods and stuff and wondered if this is also canon for Dofus.
Any other sources i can find information about this kind of stuff for dofus?


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I don't know about online stuff but I remember reading a lot of these in dofus mags a long time ago biggrin

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Pretty much everything from Ankama is considered canon, to my knowledge over many years playing Ankama's games. Dofus, Wakfu, and eventually Waven take place within the same world at different points in its history. I believe Ankama retcons the oldest storylines with some newer content, but nothing that drastically alters folks' understandings of the general lore. Except [email protected] But let's not talk about that, people have very strong opinions!

The most accessible and well-known sources of lore for the World are the Wakfu and Dofus animated series. The Wakfu game highlights certain parts of the series story, and goes deeper into other aspects with its content.
The Dofus series is focused on Kerub and a younger Joris, and eventually introduces Huppermages and other notable characters. These storylines were inserted into Astrub more recently, so are better told from that animated series and newer quests.

You know all of those books you've accumulated over the years in Dofus? Quest rewards, buyable from NPC's, etc? There are a lot of them, and there's a ton of text within. Not to mention the quests themselves. We often skip through a lot of it while we're grinding through quests, but in doing that we're skipping through valuable explanations of the lore of the World. A lot of the NPC's that assign quests are literally historical scholars, so there's a lot to learn and miss in their texts, and in their quests.

Lastly, Ankama often publishes news articles on the site that are literally just stories that relate to upcoming updates or events. Ultimately the stories of Dofus and Wakfu are evolving, and updates reflect what are basically current events in the contexts of when the games take place. So those expository articles, and the associated quests, continue to fill in the blanks and add new dimensions to the history.

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