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The Return of Fleaster Island!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - April 07, 2020, 11:45:00

You dream about it sometimes… Chocolate Fleaster eggs with a creamy center, deliciously chocolaty creatures, abounding all around! Pastries topped with whipped cream, suckers covered in colored sprinkles, and mountains of fondant! Open your eyes: Fleaster Island is back in the game!

Welcome to Fleaster Island! The first floating, mobile island on the World of Twelve. We encourage you to head to the Flying Bell at [1,-4] – it's waiting for you before takeoff.

It will take you to a faraway land featuring limitless confections…

While there, you'll face the hazards of the Chocolate Factory, choose between chocomagic and chocomancy, and explore the Waddict Foundry, the Chokao Temple, and the Crunchery.

Your astonished eyes will water when you see the candies in the Fleaster shop. Your bold heart will beat faster than ever in anticipation of the ceremonial items, ornaments, titles, and most of all… the Cocoa Dofus.

The celebration wouldn't be complete without an awesome pack.

And so you'll be seeing a brand-new item combo in the store. The Aperirel Pack is spreading its wings for the first time! It contains:

  • A new ceremonial pet that you can recolor, and whose color matches your character: the Donfus!
  • Plus the Fleaster Fatal Blow, also never seen before.

These items are also available individually.


Go on, adventurer! A new mission awaits you: to treat yourself in all kinds of ways. Happy Fleaster!

Be aware, this chocolatey offer expires on April 28!

First Ankama intervention

The issue has been solved. The quest "Godstipation" is now being validated, automatically when you arrive at Amakna Castle despite the absence if the NPC "Lady of the Court".

See message in context
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Unable to talk to the NPC Lady of the Court [4,-6] in the Fleaster Island question Godstipation

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The issue has been solved. The quest "Godstipation" is now being validated, automatically when you arrive at Amakna Castle despite the absence if the NPC "Lady of the Court".

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I've now had a brief lookaround and I think Ankama has done very well! Loving the literary references and found at least two daily quests that are pacifist friendly. Thank you! wub

Some things appear a bit buggy, for example the room with the chocolate mountain (?), I had trouble getting out of that but I guess it could have been network issues.

One thing I'm missing compared to Vulkania and Kwismas Island is a repeatable, peaceful quest that can be done multiple times, like the Crystal gathering and Goblimp staff race. Or maybe I just haven't found it yet?

Edit: Also meant to ask if the island will be open until April 28 or was that only the pack?

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fight mechanics suck lol pacifist might be the way to go on this island

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There is a bug with constantly occurs on Fleaster Island, tied with rogue's bombs. Once you detonate them, They graphically stay on the battlefield. After you trigger the bug, this can happen with enemy summons as well. Quick fix - switch to creature mode and back smile The obstructed tiles will become clear again after that.

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I would like to hear if the MP freeze bug has been looked at? It is frustrating in PvM but in PvP it is just unfair (at least huppermage manifestation). happy

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