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New Mono Server

By imtoosaxyforthisshiiiiiit#1077 - SUBSCRIBER - April 07, 2020, 14:58:18
Guys what do we think about the new server?

Will it be as busy as Ilyazalle server?

Trying to work out where to start, a new sevrer would be better, but if people think it may die after the 'new server feeling' goes away then ill go on Illy, thoughts?

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From playing it thus far, it is currently as busy as what Izyelle was when it first started. The player base has dropped a little with the Temp servers opening up, but so has most until Temporis is over.

I think it will be as busy as Izyelle. I know many friends who have come over from Iz to play on Jahash because a new server is a new adventure, and for a long time there is a lot of things you can be the first people to do.
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It is a bit of a gamble, and i look at it in two ways. With Ilyz you know what you're getting. You're getting a great server with a great economy and really high playerbase. There will always be new people joining so i imagine it won't be too hard to find people to do stuff with. Its the safer options.

Jahash is great because whilst activity is down atm, i think after Temp it will go back up, but i doubt it will ever be as popular s Ilyz. The good thing is there are so many low levels at the moment as everyone is levelling and doing stuff together so now is a great time to start. Also if you want to do well on the server, leaderboards, make money etc, its a great time to start. However the gamble is come later in the year how popular will it be after people stop playing (Covid-19 is over) or go back to Ilyz. I can't imagine the server dying so either way you should be ok. In the end, it doesn't matter as whilst your experience may differ at the start, in the long run its likely to be the same.

I didn't give you the answer, more information to consider. Hope this helps.
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