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[SHOP] Spellbook Mystery Box

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - May 07, 2020, 15:00:00
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Spellbook, oh great spellbook… Tell me, who will be the most stylish atop their spellbook-like petsmount? Come on, don't do that to us… You already know the answer! Let the magic begin with this new Mystery Box inspired by the latest chapter of Temporis!

Who cares what the Magic Committee and the Inquisition think? They may get all worked up about the potential excesses and dangers of disciples of the Twelve making somewhat greater use of spells than usual, but that won't stop you from simply riding the new spell-inspired petsmounts! The Spellbook Mystery Box defies both time and tenets by offering petsmounts to make you a Twelvian who'll be, at very least… on the right page! 

Open it and you'll receive one of them:


  • Ignis Codex (21%)
  • Terra Codex (21%)
  • Aeris Codex (21%)
  • Aqua Codex (21%)


Magicae Codex (10%)


Shushum Codex (5%)


All Codexes! (1%)

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Available now through May 20 in the DOFUS online store, the Spellbook Mystery Box can be yours for just 2,000 Ogrines or €1.99 apiece, 10,000 Ogrines or €9.99 for six, and 20,000 Ogrines or €19.99 for 13.


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Lootbox, oh stupid loot box… Tell me, who will be the most predatory gambling mechanic atop more ethical alternatives for revenue which won’t end up selling out your loyal - and dwindling - customer base?

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Hey maybe just sell them in the shop individually so people can purchase what they actually want instead of crossing their fingers and hoping they won't need to spend more money.

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lootbox are forbidden in the NL... but FR has still some maffiabusiness going around wink

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As long as there are players buying shit, they will keep selling shit.

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Why can I not up-vote/like the comments above??

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Had much fun opening these boxes smile

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Please, but P-L-E-A-S-E, stop the mystery boxes torrent, flooding players almost every odd week, instead of having news about the (current?!) (possible?!) (existent?!) development of Dofus 2.x, for when Flash shall become obsolete, which is gonna be quite sooooooooooo000000oooooonish ...

Why not just sell the é"'è!çàéàèè"é" things for cash or ogrine, directly!
Use different prices cash/ ogrine, instead of % odds in "mystery boxes".

I promised myself to refrain from buying, any, ever, a long time ago.
Even if at the time some "goodie" poopssssssss up, I got some spare cash or kama or ogrine.
I've decided to choose for myself to better wait a year or w.e. till "goodies" become unlinked, and buy them ig, so that I can be the one who picks what I get, not some random % % %.

Please, stop this!!!
Just sell items one by one, or "force" us to buy all pack of 3 item A, 5 item B, 7 item C, and 1 item X, for 35785 ogrine or 39.99 eur! They're many of us who'd rather have that, than some random %.
The random % chance of "winning" this and that, is just pure and proper gambling encouraging!

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