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Tempo Weekly #7: replay!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - May 15, 2020, 17:00:00

THE weekly event has arrived! Djinn plus Shax from KTA for the first part, followed by Logan and Kewl for the question-and-answer portion, are back to share more updates about Temporis IV, and to answer your questions as well. Watch the replay!

Forget everything you know. Temporis IV is right on time to set things straight!

A magic wind is blowing over the World of Twelve, and class spells are getting all mixed up in an unstoppable storm! At this very moment, thousands of you are clobbering monsters and collecting new spells to try and build the perfect deck.

Every week, Djinn and Logan take a deep dive into the Temporis servers to see what you've been doing. It's time to see if you've risen to the challenge!


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On the agenda for this week's Q&A:



If I create two characters on Temporis, will I get two potions?

When Temporis ends, there will only be a single potion based on 100% of the experience gained by both characters. It will therefore be reapplied and will only be usable on a single character.
The potion can be applied to a character of your choice, even one that's already at level 200.

Are there plans for the Fuji Snowfoux wanted notice which always has a lot of people?

We'll think about it. We will do a special event if necessary.

Are you aware of the bugs affecting Huppermage spells?

Yep, we're aware. We're working on a fix right now.

Have you modified the restrictions on guild paddocks and houses?

Yes! The two-month restriction on guild paddocks and houses was removed from Temporis with the May 12 maintenance service.

Will it be possible to change your class in Temporis?

No, we don't want this to be part of the Temporis experience, so it won't be possible. However, you do have the option to level several characters.

Have you made plans to fix the Temporis leaderboard?

After merging servers, we noticed certain issues with the Temporis leaderboard. We're working on this and will come up with a solution.

Do you plan to make the Temporis rewards available for purchase with nuggets after Temporis IV?

No, it won't be possible to buy rewards from this Temporis on a permanent server.

How long after the Temporis servers close will we get our rewards and XP potions?

The rewards and potions will be available in the weeks after Temporis ends. We try to deliver the rewards quickly, but given the number of people involved and the actions required to get all the information we need to deliver rewards for each player, this process takes time.

Will there be other events in Temporis? What do you do when there's too many people on the maps?

Yes, there will be other events! The animation team was very busy last week and they aren't done yet.
Regarding the population issue, we're working on that now. In general, we don't make announcements too early or on all our networks about events designed to limit the current population on maps. It's not that we don't want you to come play with us; we simply need to reduce overcrowded maps.

Any more information to share about "Dark Ray"?

Not yet, but we'll share more details soon. Possibly next week!

Why can't we keep the Dofus linked to our account?

Because that's not how Temporis works. Temporis is a limited-time experience where you lose all your items at the end (except for purchased cosmetic items). Also, earning a Dofus is simpler in Temporis than it is on permanent servers. It wouldn't really be fair to players on the official servers if we let you keep those Dofus after Temporis ends.

Will it be possible to put Temporis rewards on the market after Temporis ends?

This will be possible after a period of 360 days.

Will the Temporis reward Grifforis have all the same stats on the official servers?

No, the griffin won't keep its stats; it will become a ceremonial item after Temporis.

When will the next Temporis take place?

We still have to finish the current run before designing the next one! We have lots of things to reassess and lots of feedback to study before we can start preparing the next run.

Dofus 2:


Are you planning to do anything about the alliances that completely dominate a server with no way to counterattack?

We will be reworking all the social aspects of the game, which means AvA, but also groups and guilds. We'll give you more information as needed. Naturally, this work will include territory control. These changes will come in a few months, so please be patient.

Will there be an update with comprehensive class balancing?

We're planning an update for this year that will include changes to certain classes.
However, it's important to understand that balancing is a guiding principle. We can't balance all 18 classes at the same time. Besides, not every class would need to be completely reworked. Sometimes it's a matter of changing a few values to make the class more competitive; other times, more work is required. We've been continuously working on balancing, and we'll continue to do so.
With regard to all the questions dealing with things being buffed or nerfed: Be aware that our game designers are working on this, and we'll announce any balancing changes required, as well as the affected classes, when the time comes.

Are you going to restore the category "experience over the last 24 hours" to the standard leaderboard?

No, that's not on the agenda.

When will it be possible to transfer a character from Jahash to another server?

For the time being, we're not planning to add that option. Single-account servers have a specific economy that we want to preserve, along with the economy of other servers, as much as possible. Nothing is planned at this point.

Any chance of class passives coming to the official servers?

They work well on Temporis, and that's giving us lots of ideas. There's nothing planned for the moment, but it's something we'd certainly like to add, provided we can find a balance that suits the official servers.

Have you worked on that issue related to music?

The update that went live this morning (May 12) fixed the issues with music overlapping or disappearing in dungeons. We're continuing to work on this.

Are you planning to do anything to stop certain guilds' monopolization of paddocks?

Nothing is planning for now, but we'll take a look at the rules governing paddocks. We've received comments regarding paddocks being blocked by players that have been offline for a consistent period. We're going to look at the rules and possibly make them tougher as a way to solve this problem.

Can we get some spoilers about Pandala?

No, you can't! But we can tell you that the trailer is ready and will be released in a few weeks.

What are you doing to fight illegal kama websites and bots?

Every week, our legal department shuts down multiple phishing or illegal kama-selling sites. Unfortunately, the biggest sites are located in regions where we can't use the law as a safeguard. That's why we're continuing our "public awareness campaigns" to warn you about these fraudulent practices.
As we talked about last week, this situation is also closely linked to the bot problem. Right now, we're seeing fewer and fewer bots in all of our games. This shows that we are still continuing with our anti-bot efforts. As a reminder, bots farm resources which they then sell in-game to generate kamas. Those kamas are then sold for real money. When you buy these kamas, you yourself are financing the continued existence of these bots and these sites! The organizations that use these bots operate like businesses, reacting to every change and every new measure. They adapt their behavior to get around our measures, because their profits depend on it. The proof is that, as it stands, you will always find bots in any MMO you play.

When you pay for a subscription or buy things from our store, you know that your money is paying for game development, server and infrastructure maintenance, and the salaries of the people who are working to give you the best possible gaming experience, etc. In short, you know that your money is being invested back into the game. On the other hand, when you buy kamas illegally, you know that a part of that money is invested in the development needed to maintain their network of bots, and that another part of the money goes to maintaining their website. But you don't really know what the vast majority of your money is being used for! In other words, by participating in the illegal kama trade, not only are you contributing to the proliferation of bots in your game, you are also financing illegal activities that you know nothing about.

That's why we ask that you always obtain your kamas from the Kama Exchange, rather than illegally from third-party sites.

Will there be any new content in Vulkania this year?

No, there are no changes coming to Vulkania this year; we're focusing on Pandala.

Is Pandala just getting a graphic overhaul?

Pandala will never be the same again! (Of course it will still have Pandawas…)

Is it a bug that we can't use the option "give to a friend" in the store?

As this feature was hardly ever used, we decided to disable it to get rid of the restrictions and issues the feature was causing.

Are we allowed to use multi-account macros?

No, multi-account macros may not be used. Be aware that any macros or third-party programs offering an advantage that amounts to cheating are prohibited in DOFUS. When you install third-party software, you expose yourself to security flaws!
If you have any problems with interfaces or recommendations, please let us know in the forums.

Will the hero system in WAKFU ever come to DOFUS?

We've considered it, but it's technically impossible with DOFUS 2. However, this is a possibility for DOFUS Unity.


DOFUS Retro:

Is there a new date for the DOFUS Retro merger?

We hope to reschedule a date soon! We're waiting for things to return to normal to some degree. We're in a transitional phase with server economies, and we hear your concerns. With the merger approaching, people are withholding sales, which hinders activity in the marketplace. With a little patience and after the merger, everything will return to normal and the economy will recover and be much more active!

As a reminder, the purpose of this delay is to ensure that this merger goes smoothly, under the best possible conditions. It's important to remember that DOFUS Retro is a version that came before all the tools we've developed for server mergers. This means that the process of establishing optimal conditions to complete this merger involves a lot of complex work.
No one wants a merger where just 25% of the players log in during the first two hours and buy up all the available items right after the servers open.
We could start a merger now, but there's absolutely no guarantee it would go well.
In addition, with the current population on the servers, it's not necessarily in our interest to rush the merger. We can't easily re-merge servers that have already been merged. So it's better to wait for things to go completely back to normal before proceeding with the merger.

When we have more information about the merger date, we'll announce this on the website.



Why are you still at home?

Yesterday the lockdown was lifted and we're still at home! Like most companies, we want to protect our employees as much as we can, so the majority of us will continue to work remotely over the coming weeks. For those who must return to our offices, we've made changes that will allow them to return in the best possible conditions; so things aren't entirely back to normal yet.

Do you have any details about WAKFU Season 4?

Last week we announced a Kickstarter campaign for Season 4! We're going the crowdfunding route to finance the series.
A series is very expensive to produce, and it has to be distributed in order to turn a profit. Generally, a distributor will pay to distribute a series before the series has been produced so that the show creators can pay the people who work on it. In our case, the distributors we've been in talks with (France TV, Netflix, etc.) think that WAKFU is a little too mature. So we're turning to the community for help in order to complete this project, as well as to show distributors that we can generate real value, as there's a strong community behind the series! The Kickstarter will be crucial for the series' development! And as with any good Kickstarter, you'll receive rewards based on how much you contribute!
The start date for the Kickstarter campaign will be announced very soon.
[EDIT] The date has been announced! The Kickstarter will launch on June 8, 2020!

There you go! See you next Tuesday at 11 a.m. (Paris time) for another live Tempo Weekly!

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Has there been any more information on Dofus Unity? I haven't heard much of anything about it. I feel like there's usually more information on the French side that I miss out on.

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I think its ironic you say you see less and less bots in the game, do you even play the game? I'm currently on jahash in cania fields which is infested with bots and has been for a week or 2? I have reported every single goddamn bot there (and yes, I know for 100% sure they are bots don't throw shade I played this game long enough to know the difference) and not a single one has been banned. No moderators to be seen, maybe once every week for 30 minutes and then they disappear into the sunset like izmar never to be seen again while people in /b /r /c spam 'selling kamas/trading kamas inter-server' for days without end and they don't get punished. Don't tell me you can't moderate the game from home, hire some real moderators.

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