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(Vewy vewwyy vewwwyyy !!!!) Belated HAPPY EASTER !!! @ all who celebrated it !!!

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - May 19, 2020, 17:50:12

Good afternoon.

Vewy Vewwyy Vewwwyyy Belated HAPPY EASTER !!! @ all who celebrated it !!!

Sorry for late posting, it kindof seemed to me I was spending more time with Dofus than with family and study, so I decided to take a lil break. Especially considering the new "normal state of things" that I am sure you are all aware of. I've spent more time with family, even cooked some sweets (butter biscuits, choco muffins, etc), watched tv (mostly news, sometime some lil movies) with family, often sewing at some gobelins (an old hobby of mine).

I'm sorry for this late posting, though I am a bit surprised not to see any "Happy Easter!!!" or at least "Happy Spring Holidays!!!" post.
Well, I do hope you are all in good health, and that you had a great Easter / or Spring Holidays with your family, friends, with the people you care about and / or love.

On a side note, what I've found after one month - one month and a half break, in game, is:
- game still lags after sometime (after 2-3 hrs it gets laggy, after 4, unplayable);
- chat doesn't scroll to last comments/ lines, after passing through a maximize, then minimize chat window;
- /whois still doesn't work properly, everyone seems offline, when you use this command;
- and a question, a thing that does worry me: Dofus 3.x, or Cube, or Waven, name it the way you like, is based, if I remember well, on same system of spell dropping/ obtaining through achievements/ etc; is this the future of Dofus 2.x ? or?
- then, another thing that worries me, I see no post about further/ future/ current/ etc development of Dofus 2.X, what shall become of it, when Flash gets obsolete, which is gonna happen quite soon?

Wising you all a happy gaming day, lots of xp and lot, but also lots of health irl for you and your family and friends,


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Happy Easter to you too! huh

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I hope you had great holidays, Paxifix. kiss

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