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The road to WAKFU Season 4: Amalia

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - May 20, 2020, 17:00:00
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What would the Brotherhood of the Tofu be without Her Royal Highness, the princess of the Sadida Kingdom, otherwise known as Amalia Sheran Sharm? Our ongoing reunion with the members of the Brotherhood continues, this time with a video on the ever-delightful, ever-exasperating Amalia! And remember: the WAKFU Season 4 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will be getting underway very soon!

In her evolution from a stuck-up, temperamental and spoiled little girl to a hard-hitting (yet Sharm-ing) adventurer, Amalia has had to face plenty of trials. In the end, Princess Sheran Sharm has emerged from her long years of adventure with the Brotherhood of the Tofu more grown-up and mature than ever! The strong character we see in her today was clearly forged in the fires of their shared escapades, and this young lady doesn't seem to have any intention of returning to the frilly, ornate dresses of her childhood…

For those at the back who may not have been following along, we've finally set a date for the crowdfunding campaign that will give the Brotherhood of the Tofu's latest adventures the rousing kickstart they deserve! Starting on Monday, June 8, you can show us your unwavering support by pitching in. We're counting on you!

But enough talk. It's time for our next walk down memory lane…

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It's easy to forget how much our heroes have already been through, isn't it? And with your help, there's every chance their story will continue…

See you back here next week for a new video, and starting Monday, June 8, on Kickstarter for the WAKFU Season 4 crowdfunding campaign!

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