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Ankama support not responding

By Patrizzlaq-D#8409 - SUBSCRIBER - May 23, 2020, 00:56:15

Tuesday (19.5.2020) i did a purchase with my credit card on my  dofus account which failed and i got a mail saying that the purchase is suspected of beiing a fraud and that my account is banned(perma banned after 7 days if i dont proof my inocence). Of course its not, everything i did and have are TOS safe and so i wrote a support request regarding that issue(the same day). I get response 2 days later to provide proof that my stuff is legit and in around 6 hours i provided them with all the needed material. Havent heard from them since... It wouldnt be problem if there wasnt a deadline and suprise,suprise... I dont want my account to get banned. Is there a way to contact someone about this, because i only have monday left since i presume ankama support doesnt work weekends? Is anyone else having or had this issue with them? Im sorry for beiing annoying but im worried my account will get banned yet i didnt do anything wrong.


For the record, i dont know why the payment attempt failed. I never had any trouble with that credit card on Dofus or any other game before.

Are there no mods or stuff members here i could talk to? I'm getting totally ignored  by support. This is unreal how unorganised this all is.

Edit(30.05.2020): It has been 11 days since i made the support ticket- nothing changed. xD
Edit(7.6.2020): It has been 18 days since i made the support ticket- nothing changed
Edit(14.6.2020):It has been 25 days since i made the support ticker or 19 days since ankama responded to me. Im having a feeling ankama doesnt care about dofus players and only wishes to make new projects... I cannot bealive them when they say its the high ticket influx that is causing this delay. This is where im leaving this post.
Edit(17.6.2020): The ticket has been resolved, my sub regiven. I strongly recommend that noone uses CC for any payments since things can get complicated real quick. Ty for all your support.

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I'm in the exact same situation as you, the only difference is that i got banned 2 months ago, i'v been exchangin back and forth with the support for 2 months and there is always a 2 week delay to their response at least ... Still have not got my account back 

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Holy God,that is insane.

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It has been a month I did not get a response yet. I am tempted to just make a new request.

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Wow guess I lucked out. I helped my bf with a CC purchase and it was also suspected of fraud, but it got (automatically?) cleared in less than an hour.

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As explained before, you should use Paypal as a way to make CC payments. With Paypal, Dofus does not accept ACH (wire transfer) payments.

Let me know if you have any other issues.

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Sadly my country(as many others) doesnt support Paypal for payment option so... But i get it about CCs. Dont ever use them on any purchase on Dofus or any other Ankama related game. It will cause you so much torment and distress, not worth it!

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This deserves more attention so u get what u deserve. Bump.

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#BringBackOurDearCommunityManagerManaia , we do misssssss her a lot ...
She used to get into threads sometime and reply ...
... Now, seems like we're all alone, in the cold cold cold rain of bugs and unanswered fourums threads, and even worse, unsolved support tickets ...
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Bump. This is straight ridiculous. It shouldn't take this length of time to resolve an issue like this!

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I agree, this is beyond a joke. What makes it worse is they continue to post on the forum while ignoring this thread which people feel strongly enough to  comment.

Also, they say you shouldn't spam support, but from what I've heard that is the only way to get a response.

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I recently made a ticket with a problem on a service. The response time was quite good. The quality of the responses not. Everytime they asked some more information instead of just asking it all at once. Resulting in that I couldn't give them the information they were asking for because the verification sms for the service can only be requested 6x in a month.

Given that I work in the field of software development aswell, I think they have sufficient information already to atleast have an idea why this is happening, but no instead of that they just close my ticket.

I'd say, forget the support it's not helpfull at all. Apart from that, the password for the character transfer service is send in plain text so I highly recommend never use a public internet source to use any of their services because people might be able to steal your password.

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