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Ankama support not responding

By Patrizzlaq-D - SUBSCRIBER - May 23, 2020, 00:56:15

Tuesday (19.5.2020) i did a purchase with my credit card on my  dofus account which failed and i got a mail saying that the purchase is suspected of beiing a fraud and that my account is banned(perma banned after 7 days if i dont proof my inocence). Of course its not, everything i did and have are TOS safe and so i wrote a support request regarding that issue(the same day). I get response 2 days later to provide proof that my stuff is legit and in around 6 hours i provided them with all the needed material. Havent heard from them since... It wouldnt be problem if there wasnt a deadline and suprise,suprise... I dont want my account to get banned. Is there a way to contact someone about this, because i only have monday left since i presume ankama support doesnt work weekends? Is anyone else having or had this issue with them? Im sorry for beiing annoying but im worried my account will get banned yet i didnt do anything wrong.


For the record, i dont know why the payment attempt failed. I never had any trouble with that credit card on Dofus or any other game before.

Are there no mods or stuff members here i could talk to? I'm getting totally ignored  by support. This is unreal how unorganised this all is.

Edit(30.05.2020): It has been 11 days since i made the support ticket- nothing changed. xD

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I'm in the exact same situation as you, the only difference is that i got banned 2 months ago, i'v been exchangin back and forth with the support for 2 months and there is always a 2 week delay to their response at least ... Still have not got my account back 

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Holy God,that is insane.

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