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A New Day for Pandala

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - June 24, 2020, 17:30:00
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Getting to the island is proving quite difficult at present, with everyone running around trying to find Rotceres for access across the bridge. Could we get more spawn in for the quarry area? smile

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We'll poke the team for it. wink

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Is server overloaded or sumthing? Because I can't get inside, I've been trying for like 40 Minutes now.

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Link to beta download pls?

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In the Ankama Launcher, go to:

  • your options menu (the small cog in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen)
  • under "Options", tick the box that says "Show other versions (DOFUS Beta)".

You then can close the options menu and switch between the DOFUS Game and the Beta Server as you will have a little white triangle that will allow you to alternate between the two game versions. biggrin
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I can't access Beta atm. I did uninstall and reinstall, but i still can't get in.

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darklul and Misai,

The team was made aware that some players (from all communities) are unable to access the game. Although some devs are currently still working, I am not certain that the issue will be resolved before Monday. sad


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Aww... oh well sad Thank you for letting us know!

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Awwh that's too bad :/

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thanks i downloaded it, but i cant enter. It says that the server is taking too long to respond.

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i cant enter the server as well.

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Admins and other players this account Darklul can't get into Beta. But weirdly enough another account off mine did work I can get into Beta no problem so this is really strange.

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Goof evening. huh

A few questions, if I may:
  • fire what will happen with ores, woods, and alche and farmer resources? will the majority of them still be inside conquest villages, hence allowing only players from big alliances to profit from them, and making it harder for others to level up professions/ have am equal chance of making some profits form them?
  • fire  what will happen with soul stones? will the recipes change? to harder or easier ones? will the recipes still include resources dropped in pandala, even if lev of mobs will be definetely higher?
  • fire what will happen with soul capture spell? will it be after the revamp of the area like some result of a quest/ dungeon in pandala? again, will it be harder, or easier than before? should we all rush to get it on all alts, before revamp, just in case?
  • fire what will happen with boss resources from before revamp, and crafts including them? will they be changed into regular mobs drops and regular items, or they will be changed into new boss drops, respectively into new items containing new boss resources?

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Pandala is a beautiful place. Byt when i left that place i can;t return. I have comunicate "You have reached the maximum authorised quantity of this item." Someone can help me how come back?

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Hey there,
Once the Beta is back online, could you please check, if those issues are still there and if yes:

Could you please provide us with the regarding account nicks, so we can investigate the issue?

Could you please provide us with a screenshot of that message and some more details about where you were leaving to, and how you tried to come back.

You are welcome to check out the changes on the Beta server and to have a look at the Beta changelog once the translation is available, or check out the french version.

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@[Ankama]DOFUSSure, thats the creen
I did quests but due to the fact that they were in French, I could not understand much, so I decided to start looking for clues from the beginning of the area. I backed down with Recal potions for the zap in Asturb, and when I wanted to come back I couldn't.

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[ WIP ] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ wip ]

After checking briefly the French version of changelog , I thought to share the following, that might be found interesting by other players too:
  • water Soul Capture zill be oftain from Kwakwa dung.
  • water More resources linked to Pandala will become obsolete. They will be able to be exchanged at the at the "Intendante" of resources in Panala village. This information is shown on the concerned resources.
  • water More achievements will be retired after the changes made to Pandala. The rewards already obtained will remain. The achievement points obtained by these achievements shall be lost.
  • water The Almanax content (bonuses, offers) linked to Pandala shall be modified.
  • water 3 Pets won't be obtainable temporarily in game, until after the update from end year 2020 : Peki, Bebe Pandawa, Petit ChienChien Noir.
  • water Conquest Villages will be gone ( *happy dance* ) .
  • water The position, the way of obtaining and also the conditions of appearance of the following pets are modified. Attention, if you have already recuperated that pet, you won't be able to obtain it a second time: Petit chacha blanc, Tifoux, Bulbutrone, Tanuk, Leopardo.
  • water The following monsters are not searchable On Pandala, but on the continent Amakna: Marzwel le Gobelin, Musha L'Oni, Aermine 'Braco' Sclaptaras, Rok Gnorok.
  • water The dialogue with Yova Etna shows again the values regarding the apparition of the mob Hell Mina.
  • water From now on, The Erosion is included and explained in the interface of advanced characteristics.
  • water The resistances to damages from spell and to damages from weapon have from now on a description i the interface of characteristics.
  • water The descriptions of the characteristics of damages and resistance at melee and at distance are updated to make understand more clearly the number of cells that these distances represent.
  • water Having in mind the purpose of avoiding that some players utilize the equipment quick shortcuts in a loop in order of generating latency to their adversaries, from now on there is a delay of 2 seconds between two equipment quick changes.
  • water It is not needed anymore to disconnect and to connect back in order to see an aobject that was just obtained in the gifts space.
  • water The new quests of Pandala are intended for characters between the levs 100 and 140. they will be able to be started by characters of minimum lev 80.
  • The numbers of infinite reflects needed for unblocking the ornaments Songeur 1 to 13 have been heavily reduced. The players who have acquired the ornaments before will be reimbursed with the difference by talking to Infinu. The new amounts needed are, in ascending order:
3 200
8 200
20 000
50 000
120 000
285 000
600 000
1 150 000
2 000 000
3 250 000
  • water ...
  • water ...
  • water ...
  • water ...

( I'll add more, when/ if I find some spare time, later today/ this week. I am a bit selfish , maybe ... cuz I mostly looked for things that interest me atm, not much free time on hands right now.)

But ...
... Maybe my look was too brief on the French version of changelog , cuz I still couldn't find anything on:
  • fire gather-able resources from Pandala: ore, wood, plants, cereals ( ummm ... I just found some stuff, I missed on first read, that conquest villages will be gone ... so, probs, no need to worry anymore about this kind of resources in Pandala *crosses fingers* ) ;
  • fire the "fate" of the soul stones, and their recipes ;
  • fire what will happen with equips that include monster drops and boss drops from "old"Pandala?
  • fire what will happen with the "old" dungeon keys? will they be transformed into new dungeon keys? will we be able to get the mats back from them, tehn trade the Pandala resourced, old ones for new ones, at the npc specified above among these lines?
  • fire what will happen with Eternal Harvest : with the souls already gathered for it from Panadala? with the souls missing to be collected from Pandala? with the quest itself?
  • fire why will it be needed to go e.a. player with tons and tons of resources of the "old" type, to tarde them for "new" ones, and why it is not being done automatically like it has been done since now? it would take a few mins of coding to do it auto, while it might atke hours and hours for e.a. player to do it on his/ her own ...
  • fire ...
  • fire ...
  • fire ...
Some lil light into it, if it can be brought, would be just awesome.

[ WIP ] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ wip ]

following posts on this: 


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Will players still be able to purchase Pandawa Headgear from NPCs on Pandala? I use them quite often to reduce initiative of certain character for attempting dungeon achievements or clearing difficult fights.

In addition, will the Level 130 dungeon, Vallée de la Dame des eaux be available to try before the BETA server comes to a close? As the Shakles of Tyranny dungeon was not open during the previous BETA due to the game being able to load the dungeon. In my opinion, it made the boss fight; Servitude unbalanced and too difficult for most mid-range classes as a result.

Also has anyone had the opportunity to try the level 140 dungeon in Feudala? I have tried the boss fight on my main character. Although, every time after the bosses second turn, he is able to instantly KO my character.

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[Ankama]DOFUS|2020-06-30 18:10:24

You are welcome to check out the changes on the Beta server and to have a look at the Beta changelog once the translation is available, or check out the french version.

This is like, at train station, at the information office of the train station:

neutral Puzzled worried traveler (often even in a hurry): May I please know the first and last train for today, for Paris? cool
 water Information office officer: You are welcomed to try all trains and find out by yourself, or check the trains log in Japanese in front of the office, or wait for an English translation which should come tomorrow morning. Have a good day, and thank you for using the Information office. sleep tongue
neutral Puzzled worried traveler: rolleyes mute

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[Ankama]DOFUS-Prod|2020-06-26 09:51:12

The first problem we had to face had to do with paddocks. We instantiated some of the paddocks that existed on Pandala for the overhaul, but it's the first time that we've merged paddocks, which are underground, instantiated AND merged. I'm not going to go into the technical jargon for our developers who have been tearing their hair out, but the system is different from traditional paddocks. We have solutions to overcome this problem, but we'll have to open the beta today without these merged paddocks, which will come later.


I have a question. Are the Paddocks gone after this Update? We paid more than 20 million for these paddocks. At the beta we had only 3 million on the bank account. Are you serious or do they come with the update?
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is there gonna be any pandawa tweeks coming with this update? it would fit well since the water path was so nerfed

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No worries, the paddocks will be back on the live version of the reworked Pandala. They have been deactivated for the start of the Beta tests and were activated last Friday.

In case you haven't seen it yet, the original Beta Changelog has been published last Friday as well. 


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Hello ...

... Is it me you're looking for ?

...... Is it me you're waiting for?
...... To post again, encore?
...... To ask again same questions as before ?

Soooooooooooooooooo :

The Original Beta Changelog in English is somehow ... well ... a shortish resume of The French Version , at least at the date and time of this post that I am making now.

My questions, which aren't just mine, are of various players, have remained unanswered ... one week + old post from same thread .

I shall repeat?
I doubt that it would change anything in the "speed" of the replies, but still ... Imma give it a try. wub *crosses fingers* kiss

Questions, like:
  • fire the fate of soul stones and their recipes? (a friend had a look on beta, and he said recipes are the same, pandala mobs drop artefacts ... but also oto mobs ... ; it would be rather important for players to know this, how will the recipe of soul stones behave upon revamp of pandala; it aint like it is a minor thinggie, not at all);
  • fire which new pandala resources will be traded for our old resources from the area? (again, the same friend, has checked, and he couldn't find an answer, since the npc doing these "exchnages" new resources for old resources wasn't (working) last time he checked);
  • fire what will happen with "old" gear : a) will remain obsolete; b) will be auto changed to new gear; c) it shall be exchanged at similar npc/s for new gear; d) will become ceremonial, as old souvenir from pandala;
  • fire why the old resources shall not be changed auto into new ones, like it has been at previous areas revamps? I mean, for a day of coding from your side, or less, all players have to make countless trips bank >>> pandala >>> bank >>> pandala >>> ... >>> infinitum +++ to trade those old resources; it just aint that totally fair, towards us, players; then, another thing: will there be a deadline to exchange old for new, before the old ones disappear or become useless? the more time someone has played on pandala since revamp, the more trips s/he'll have to make back and forth; is this some sort of reverse psychology to encourage veteran players to keep playing?
  • fire what will happen with the old dungeon keys that players still have? a) they will become obsolete, players will be able to get old resources from them back, which will have to be exchanged for new ones? b) they will be changed into new keys?
  • fire what will happen with EH ? for those players who already have old souls of dungeons and arches from pandala? and how will be affected EH by the area revamp?
  • fire what will happen with old souls from the area? will players be able to fight in arena the originals, sometime in the future, for the sake of good old times? or will they be changed into new souls with the new mobs from new area? or will they just disappear?
  • fire what's the point of having some parts of the game still accessible only to one random alliance of each server? I am talking about conquest villages; now, with Pandale having been freed at last from having conquest areas accessible only to a random % of players from one single random alliance on each server, why not free all conquest villages? to make all areas having the same accessibility for all players, who, at the end, are your customers;
  • fire ...
  • fire ...
  • fire ...

[ wip -  more questions to be added, possibly ... ]
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[ wip --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- wip ]

More "spoilers" from CHANGELOG 2.56 - L'ÉVEIL DE PANDALA :
  • water the recipe for 542 objects containing the ingredient "Purée pique-fêle" have been updated ;
  • water "Nagate" Essence is from now on lev 130 ;
  • water "Damadrya" Essence is from now on lev 110 ;
  • water the following recipes have been modified:
Yosh >>> Bulbig Brother Essence >>> Shin Larva Essence
Major Dynamo >>> Dagero essence >>> Mantiscore Essence
Sidimote Shield >>> Dagero Essence >>> Wa Wobot Essence 
Major Dagob >>> Pandora Master Essence >>> Skeunk Essence
Shield in Briefs >>> Pandora Master Essence >>> Crocabulia Essence
  • water it is not necessary anymore to change map to update the looks o screen of NPC Seijin Zena, while being escorted to a new meditation place;
  • water if the following character Seijin Zena is lost, it is possible to recuperate it by going back to its precedent position;
  • water
  • water
  • water

[ wip ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- wip ]
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Hey there,

I was able to hunt down a few answers to your questions: 

  • What happens to soul stones and recipes: The recipes will change including the new resources.
  • Which Pandala resources will be traded for what: This will be included in the changelog.
  • What will happen to old gear: The recipes will change, but not the characteristics.
  • Eternal Harvest: The soul stones will be converted automatically to stones of the new arch monsters.
  • What happens to old dungeon keys: Old dungeon keys will be converted to fit the locks of the new dungeons. 

Great work, Bohemia!
Score : 124

Thanks a bunch ! kiss
Great work, too !!!  wub
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