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Why not all items needed for quests/ exploration/ etc can be crafted without actually doing those quests/ explorations/ etc?

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - July 11, 2020, 20:06:20

Good evening.

They are many many many items needed for plenty plenty plenty of quests, which require a lower or higher level crafting/gathering profession to craft them.
Some of those can be crafted without being on those steps of the quests, so players can craft them for their friends on those steps of the quests who need them, or to xp a profession, or just to make a small income.
But they are also some, pretty high-ish level, that can not be crafted without being on the necessary step of a certain quest, which kindof aint totally fair; for example: Back-Scratcher Handle (carver 155), Back-Scratcher Tip (smith 155),  then I couldn't test for Incomplete Back-Scratcher (handyman 155) and Spentox Back-Scratcher, cuz I wasn't able to craft the first 2, even equipping my crafters with the required items for said crafts.
Is this intended: some crafts needed for some quests to be craftable by any crafter who has certain level (and eventually has also equipped certain item), or is it a bug, maybe, or something overlooked?

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For convenience's sake I understand where you're coming from. But for the sake of 'immersion' it kinda makes sense that by default there are some things you don't know how to craft until you're taught them. Though it would be good if some of these items could have some purpose outside the quests themselves.

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Yeah, it would be a great idea if some of those items would be useful outside the quests too.
But .. common, in this case one would need 155 carver, smith and handyman ... Aint it a bit ... to much? Just for the sake of the "immersion" ?
Or, if they're only useful for quests, they should be quest items, maybe? Not miscelaneous resources? For the sake of the coherence with the rest of the game?

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