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Summer Sales: Second Mark-Down!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - July 29, 2020, 11:00:00
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So far, so good. What matters isn't the falling prices. It's the landing. Yours might be difficult, because when you come around and realize that after getting all these little treasures for such a pittance, nothing will ever be the same again… So, ready for an even crazier second mark-down?

You barely had time to catch your breath and it's already time for the second mark-down! So, ready for another lap? Grab some water, have a little stretch, and let's get going, because supplies are limited!


* Offer valid while supplies last. 2020 Summer Sales dates: 7/15 through 8/11.

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I am like tempted, very tempted, to get some stuffs ... Though it is hard to decide what, to fit in some reasonable budget, cuz they're so many things I like there !!!

If any of you thinks of purchasing too, I suggest you go first:

and look there for:
  • >>> list of countries where they can deliver/ can not deliver packs atm, due to nowadays restrictions;
  • >>> identify your correspondent list number, according to the country/ zone where you want the pack delivered;
  • >>> check post fees, in case you'd like to limit your total cost to some specific amount.

Among the things on my wishing list would be:
I will probably end up ordering something this summer ... It is all too tempting ...
It is a bit sad though that my chart will probably less than what I'd like it to be, also due to shipping costs that the shop has ...
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