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Under the Northern Lights - Library Yokai

By Fresssackessen#3782 - SUBSCRIBER - July 28, 2020, 22:50:03
Hi everyone!

I am very happy with Pandala getting a reboot and everything looks gorgeous - however, I do have a bit of an issue with the library yokai from the "Under the Northern Lights" quest.

I'm a Cha Enu level 165 and therefore I do not have the right gear for good evade stats and only setting my skillpoints into Agi doesn't help - I still loose AP & MP. Also blocking the way and pushing all into one corner doesn't work either since the bigger yokai can switch places. Now, after the update, that push and poison damage do not work either, I literally can not figure out how to progress with this quest. Buying full Agi gear with great evasion as well as enough AP & MP to reach all of them in one turn seems to be the only way to have a chance to win but I neither have the will nor the kamas to do all that for one quest...

Basically, I'm wondering whether anyone else has a problem with this / asking for tips on how to beat it or - even better - a change to make this more achievable for classes with less mobility and crowd control.

Thank you in advance!
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I don’t think you need that much dodge. About 60 should do. You could get a mad tofu cloak and toady set for cheap agi. Then it’s all about setting up (or be lucky). To be fair you do have some mobility with acceleration and I guess with the +dodge spell.

As for setting up, it will be the easiest to remove all their mp and push them in a position you want. If you keep the little one asleep it will not jump away. The others might switch places, but they will not run away once all their mp has been removed. Finally, if you dont have a lot of ap/mp, the order of putting them asleep is important since each type of yokai gives a different debuff. The little one gives heavy state, one gives -mp and one -ap (dont remember which). So for an enu, you might want to start your final round with the little one and put the -mp one asleep last.

I hope that helps.
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That is definitely something I can work with. Thank you so much!
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