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Class Pack – Xelor

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - July 30, 2020, 16:00:00
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The god of time whiles away so many hours sprucing up his clock, he sometimes forgets about his followers. His much-awaited class pack is finally here! Available through Wednesday, August 12 in the DOFUS shop.

With your own Xelor class pack, you'll always stay current! Guaranteed to never go out of style, it will last through the ages without aging one bit. Too bad the same can't be said about you…

Hey, just kidding! And if you truly wish to remain as fresh as a kaliptus flower, there's the BilbyQ 10 serum with Bilby jelly extract!

In the meantime, now through Wednesday, August 12, the Xelor class pack is available in the Shop in several different formats:

You can also get the Xelor set on its own for €8 or 8,000 OG, and the three harnesses for €7 or 7,000 OG each.



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Must have! To add to my/ anyone's collection!
Even if I am not a fan of hats covering fully the front part of a character's head (the face), I still find this set pretty okayish, looking like right out of Startrek or Warstars. cool

But ... Any clue when they'll be all / latest XXX in Shop during some Flash Sale?
I miss one of these ceremonial class sets ... (or maybe more, and I might not even be aware of it ...).

Also, I am having a lil issue with "Kama Exhange", as you can see below :

As in, even after introducing the correct account name/s and pass/es, it takes me back to log in window.
It has been happening at least for the last couple of days or so.
This makes it a bit tedious to check kamas/ ogrine, cuz I can only do it in game, for last couple/ few days.

[ EDIT 1, like 10-15 mins after posting the thread: ] As weird as it may sound, I've just tried one more time, and it seems to be working now. rolleyesrolleyesrolleyes

[ EDIT 2, like 2-3 hrs + - after posting the thread : ] Again, unable to log, from website, to kamas/ ogrine exchange market, to check my kamas and ogrine. pensivepensivepensive
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Savageking420|2020-07-31 10:23:02
I'm not sure if you actually needs help, or just friends

It is true, though, sometime I can get into kama exchange market from website, sometime I can not.
Are you suggesting I should ask friends to log my account, if I am out and can't check in game myself, but only on website from phone? ph34rph34rph34r
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I had this last week when I got a code in my email for free sub. When i went to the code page i had to login but it didnt work. ( in case someone is wondering, it wasnt a scam mail. It was from Ankama themself. )

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I have quite a few emails like those myself, but I don't dare to use the codes, not sure 100% where they come from, since there is no official thread on forums about those emails being sent.

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