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Ankama Launcher: New Interface for All Your Games!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - August 05, 2020, 16:30:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

The new-and-improved Ankama Launcher is available starting today.

More user-friendly, this new version of the platform will give you quicker access to the important information about Ankama games. It also has new features, and notably one that lets you add several accounts for DOFUS 2 (available in the game settings).

The game chat is now available from every page in the app.

Access to the most recent changelogs, news posts and devblogs is easier, and all the game-related content is now available directly from the game page.

The platform development team focused mainly on making the experience smoother for players using the Launcher: more shortcuts and better access to information.

All you have to do to enjoy this revamp is open the Ankama Launcher!

Content of Update 3.0.0:

1. Usability

  • The application's graphic interface has been overhauled.
  • The chat can now be accessed on every page of the app, via the settings (click on the chat icon again to hide it).
  • The account management page (click on avatar) is now separate from the Launcher settings (click on the settings next to the "Minimize" button).
  • Loading of the application has been updated.
  • You can use the Launcher version number (located under the Launcher settings) to access the Launcher changelog.
  • Announcements for each game are now available directly on the games page.
  • A game's secondary (beta) version can be accessed directly from the games page.
  • You can click on the version number in a game's settings to display the corresponding changelog.
  • An error message has been added in the event that a Repair/Install/Update was not possible.
  • The full-screen option has been turned off on Mac for technical reasons.
  • A button to show the password on the login page has been added.

2. Features

  • An advanced multi-account section has been added to the DOFUS 2 game (accessible from the game settings).
    • Sorting is now available on registered accounts (drag and drop is possible).
    • The play button can be configured to launch accounts one by one or all at once.
    • The multi-account settings shortcut is added to the games page once a user has registered an additional account.
    • It is now possible to launch the game with the desired account directly from that line in the multi-account settings.
  • There is a new button to refresh the application if an issue occurs; it can be found on the bug report tab (in the Launcher settings).
  • The size of the Launcher is saved when the application is closed so you no longer need to resize the Launcher every time you restart it if you want it to be larger.
  • You can now change the size of the interface in the "Display" tab (in the Launcher settings) according to your preference and/or if you have a 4K screen.
  • You can disable videos on the games page, via the "Display" tab in the Launcher settings.
  • For security reasons, players who use Facebook to log in will be regularly asked to provide their Facebook password.
  • You can now choose the quality of images used in the Launcher, making it possible to save bandwidth or enjoy images in Full HD resolution in the Launcher.
  • Login: The option of saving or not saving your nickname when quitting the Launcher has been added (it was previously always activated).

3. Bug Fixes

  • A bug preventing a game from updating properly has been fixed.
  • A bug that triggered the repair of a game in a repeated loop has been fixed.
First Ankama intervention


I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. Have you tried reinstalling the launcher and the game?

See message in context
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The new Launcher sucks even more than the previous one. It is an error-prone memory hog that takes even more away from the gaming experience by wasting time loading unwanted information. At this moment, on one of my computers it is taking an estimated 2 hours to reinstall everything!

It had worked earlier, but when I restarted it, the damned piece of garbage made me click on repair!

Please just drop the dumb ass Launcher system and give us back the bloody Updater!

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Score : -1090

Is it even taking into account the possibility of offering both:
- old updater ;
- new motherofalllaunchers.
Let the players = the customers, choose?
Can't be that hard to have both ?! Just wondering ...
And only then decide, according to how many players use one or the other, which one to use? My bet is on old updater though, tbt.

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Score : 32

Wish I could turn off the "news". It' kinda make me hate on Dofus with all that ads/promotions being pushed in your face. An option to make it "clean" would do a lot good.

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Score : 6563

The video and other resource-heavy features should be turned off by default. The options exist for those with low specs and bandwidth, but it's quite difficult to get to the settings to toggle those options when you're lagging on both fronts as it tries to buffer heavy video.

Also please add the option to appear offline in the chat, or to disable the launcher's chat function completely if we're not interested in using it. I'm still not sure what problem the launcher chat is attempting to solve, when Discord exists.

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Score : 264

I mean i don't care about the graphics but why did it have to re-download all games?
that's so uncool, especially for those with a slower internet

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Score : 6913

I agree!

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Score : -1090

In the new motherofalllaunchers thinggie has to stay, it would be nice to have the following:

  • - possibility to turn visibility on/ off;
  • - possibility to only be visible for a group of people, and invisible for all the rest;
  • - possibility to turn off the games we aren't interested in, to free memory even 1 byte or 2;
  • - possibility to turn off forums announcements, to free memory;
  • - possibility to use a more simple chat, less fancier, again, to free memory;
  • - possibility to link, if wanted, Discord name  and/ or server used;
  • - possibility to be able to choose an over all less fancy design, but also less memory abuser;
  • - possibility to choose which games are we interested in, and don't even see the rest, except in some Options thinggie, where one can check games s/he is interested in;
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

Though all this could be solved easily :
Just give us the option to choose from old Updater and the motherofalllaunchers.
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Score : 6563

A low-spec low-bandwidth launcher would really help a lot. Many of these suggestions would reduce loading times which is a critical need at every stage of connection currently!

Honestly though the old launcher had its own laundry list of problems, like the update irreparably getting to 67% or something with no obvious cause and no solution. We traded one large set of problems for another large set of different problems.

At this point I think it's too late to go all the way back to Uplauncher, but there are numerous improvements that can be easily made to this new platform that would solve all of the issues anyway. I personally don't care what they call it, just as long as it works correctly and efficiently and does not hog excess resources.

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Score : 1269

If the video is to be on by default, my recommendation would to have it so it only starts downloading/ playing when you click on it.

Also the button to launch an actual game could do with being a bit bigger and maybe a bit more eye catching (perhaps have the white button behind a black backdrop rather than a video/image behind it), because I've found myself taking a couple seconds to have my eyes lock onto it, especially if a video is playing behind it.

Besides that, I've had no other issues with the launcher thus far. happy

Oh also, like it's been suggested it would be fantastic to be able to set your status to appearing offline, for those times where you really just want to be left alone and not feel bad for ignoring people haha.

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Score : 6913

This worked fine for me yesterday. One day later, and it's a complete disaster.

Launcher is taking significantly more time to load. Once it does, the functionality to launch multiple accounts no longer works. It only launches a single window, and when it does it gives an error telling me I'm not launching Dofus through the launcher. Then the launcher gets stuck on "Launching..." as though it's trying to launch another window and can't figure it out.

Can anyone actually program software correctly anymore?

Edit: after a computer restart, it worked again. But this shouldn't be happening under any circumstances.

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Score : 2

I'm having problems after the recent update. Up until the 9th of August I could launch the game without a problem.

Since today, every time I open the launcher, it tells me that Dofus needs to be repaired. Upon trying to do so, it keeps giving the "An Error Has Occurred. There was an error repairing the game, please try again later", which sounds oddly similar to the bug fixes you announced.

Could I please have a resolution for this?

Thank you very much.

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I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. Have you tried reinstalling the launcher and the game?

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