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[GUIDE] - breeding for beginners - (from the start)

By -Nightshade-#3750 - SUBSCRIBER - August 09, 2020, 21:49:13
Helped someone out with this before, figured it might help someone else (will fix outline later)

- Breeding(related to the Dofus quest) .
First you will need the spell "Mount Taming".
you can obtain it by completing the koalak dungeon and trading 50 Kaliptus leaf and 50 Kaliptus flowers at the end of the dungeon;
To capture a mount you have to fight Wild mounts while you're Dragoturkey slot is empty and you use a capturing net as your weapon.
Like capturing souls you will have to use the spell before the fight ends.
And you will have a small chance to capture the wild mount.
(To start, it's recommended you go for Almond and Ginger ones).

You will need a Male and a Female mount.
You can deposit your mounts to your mount stable at either the Brakmar or the Bonta Public Paddock;
The stables are shared between paddocks.(So if you put them in the stable in Brakmar you can take them out and put them in a paddock in Bonta)

A Private Paddock is usually more efficient. but if you are not into breeding. I strongly recommend using the public paddocks. At least until you got to the next generation of drag-turkeys(starting with Almond/Ginger/Gold you can breed up to almost any dragoturkey)

The dragoturkey will have a happiness meter. going from Angry ): ---- Neutral ---- smile Happy.

There will also be 3 bars.
Representing how much the mount is into loving(heart);
the maturity of the mount(waterdrop) and the mount's stamina(lightning bolt)
There is your mount's energy bar as well. This will not affect breeding much. when your mounts mate with more energy. you will have a higher chance it will have more than 1 baby(up to 3)

You will use breeding items to modify these.
Your mount will be able to mate when all of them are maxed
The breeding items can be crafted with the handyman profession. or bought from the market
You can use them from your inventory and place them in either your paddock or a public paddock Only you will be able to use the breeding items you put in a public paddock To max them.

you will have to modify the happiness meter.
To get it down use Slappers
To raise it use Patters
. When the balance Is negative. you'll be able to use Lightning Throwers to raise Stamina
When it is between -2000 and 2000; You'll be able to use Drinking toughs to raise maturity
When it is positive you'll be able to use Dragobutts to raise love
When your mount is at max maturity and has some energy(you can also feed it raw fish/meats for energy) you'll be able to ride it
You will have to get each mount to level 5. because even in the world of the Dofus. Underaged mating is not allowed :p

Once you got all bars maxed put a male and a female mount in a paddock together. you can use emotes to make them run around. you'll want to get them on the same square so they mate.
(When it's ready to breed you'll see a green indication on the mount's tab indicating it's fertile)
(A mount can mate up to 5 times)

It's advised to keep the First generation mounts (Gold/ginger/almond) will have babies after 49 hours.
You will have 7 days to get the baby dt out of the mount or it will die.
Congratulations breeder. you have a new mount.

Tips: Easy obtainable emotes to move mounts are:Wave,Applaud,Break wind, Get mad
You are able to put different mounts/breeding items in the different paddocks you have (Bonta and Brakmar each have a free to use public paddock to start with)
See if your guildies are sharing any paddocks with you in the paddocks section of your guild.
&& Pro tip: Most people leave the mounts in the paddock and check on it every couple hours until it has the stats they desire. You can influence this by using the emotes to make your mounts interact with the breeding items. However if you do this another factor comes in play.
Tiredness; When this bar is full. you will see 'Zzz' above the mount indicating it's tired. Every time your mount interacts with a breeding item it will gain some tiredness. If your mount is anywhere other than your paddock it will lose 10 tiredness per hour If your mount is Tired. It will get less stats from your breeding items. Good Luck, happy breeding
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