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Retro: Pre-registration for single-account servers is now open!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - August 25, 2020, 15:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

To celebrate its 1st anniversary, DOFUS Retro is adding single-account servers for you. To make sure you're part of the fun, pre-register now!

As if you needed one more reason to love this version of your favorite MMORPG: On Wednesday, September 30, one year after it first went online, DOFUS Retro will open its single-account servers.

We're planning to launch two servers for now, but that may change depending on the number of players who pre-register. That's one major reason for this pre-registration phase, but there are also other benefits for you:

  • Jumping right into the adventure without missing a second
  • Registering on the same server as your friends
  • Reserving your character name associated with your class.

Single-account servers offer an even more intense gameplay experience: you'll have to fight harder and help each other out more than ever! But once things get underway, you'll have five character slots to work with.

Round up your friends and register now to lock down your spot on the DOFUS Retro single-account servers!


For more information, read the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be leaderboards to track the progress of the "pioneers" on these servers?

We'd like to set up leaderboards on Retro, but we're not sure we'll be able to offer them right away when the single-account Retro servers open. In any case, we'll be sharing as much information with you as we can on this subject throughout the rush period.

Will there be any star generation or XP/drop bonus when the servers are launched?

We're not planning to do this, but stars will be activated when the single-account servers open for players.

Will there be servers for each language community?

The single-account Retro servers will all be international, just like when we launched the Retro servers.

Will we be able to migrate from one single-account server to another? Or to the classic Retro servers?

This service is not available for the Retro version, and we don't want to add it for either the classic version or the single-account version.

Will paddocks, houses and merchant mode be activated for single-account DOFUS Retro?

Since we're opening more than one single-account server, that means we're planning to merge the servers once their populations allow for it. Paddocks, houses and merchant modes will therefore be deactivated until the merger takes place.

Will it be possible to play on a single-account server and a classic Retro server at the same time?

No, we don't want to allow this.

Will I be able to play with my brother/sister/roommate/Bow Meow?

We are aware that IP restrictions may block players who share the same internet connection and who wish to play together in the prescribed manner. For this reason, we allow a second connection from the same IP, provided that all other criteria for single-account mode are met.

Are you planning to open a Kama Exchange (KE) in single-account Retro?

No, we're not planning to do this (nor on the classic Retro servers either).

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Ayeeeee let’s go! I’m really stoked about this, maybe I’ll actually enjoy Retro a lot more than what I did on the “classic” servers.

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No language community, that is an unfortunate blow. French and Spanish get to have their own servers and we deserve to have our own. The argument behind it is there's not enough English players to cater for one, but at least we'll be able to work together more easily and at the same time have an abundance to many stars, resources, and less lag which is still a great offer.

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i concur with Sean!

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Since there's no official Eng server feel free to come join the Eng community on discord -

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