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Charlie's Agents: Welcome to Plantala

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - September 15, 2020, 17:00:00
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There's been quite an adventuring boom in DOFUS since Pandala took on its brand-new appearance. It feels as though the World of Twelve's most mythical island has come back refreshed after a long slumber… But don't go charging headlong into its new traps like a hyperactive Iop! Start by reading the six… seven-part guided tour prepared by Charlie's Agents. For the last leg of the tour, how about we take a jaunt in the wilderness? We're headed to Plantala!

When you plant your feet on Plantala, you'll thank Mother Nature for the privilege. As the most lush region in Pandala, perhaps even in the World of Twelve, it is utterly untamed, free of Twelvian influence. It's a land where flowers, plants, trees, and botanical microbes have asserted themselves. They take root and grow plentifully, climbing and twisting, clinging to the earth like weeds, albeit the pretty kind. Curious adventurers, looking to experience nature at its purest, are treated to a sight like no other…


Anything seems possible in Plantala. For instance, you may discover a tree with laughing fruit that can transport you to another world: This is the Goroku. The ancients say that spirits reside within. The tree is considered special, making it virtually untouchable. If you so much as graze its bark, beware the consequences!

It's also said that the Wood Spirit is never far away from it, and even that the tree allows the spirit to keep an eye on the forest


A bit farther on, you'll reach the breathtaking glow of the silvery weeping willow, which overlooks a charming little pond – quite the haven. Some say the majestic tree has taken form as a resident in the village. Who could it be? You'll just have to find out… Whoever it happens to be, if you're expecting to run into a woodland Twelvian with bark-like skin, whose wild hair could harbor an assortment of bugs, you might be in for a surprise…


Can you sense their presence? The whole place feels inhabited. From the smallest plant to beds of sleeping flowers, everything seems to have a soul, and to be watching your every move. Does it make you uncomfortable? That's by design. No matter where you go, you're never alone. Eyes are on you! So be careful what you do…



Some encounters could very well change the course of your adventure… Should you visit the ruined temple devoted to the goddess Pandawa and Queen Ginju, beneath the heap of moss and tangled roots, you may discover a fearsome creature… We'll leave it at that, so as not to spoil the surprise!


Another creature, this one just as sinister: the witch Sobomori, also known as "the grandmother of the forest". Adventurers in need of a little sustenance could easily be fooled by the banner on her home, which makes it look like a travelers' inn. A word of advice: Stand back when you peer into the cauldron…


Whether used to build ever more ambitious dwellings or to sip that famous nectar, bamboo is, without a doubt, the most important resource on the island. It reigns supreme, standing proud and giving the island an incomparable silhouette. Sadly, Twelvians have a nasty habit of overusing that which nature provides them…

Has Damadrya's Bamboo Grove paid the price for their greed? There's practically no more bamboo there. Has the harvest, thought to be reasonable and respectful, turned into a massive deforestation project? It's hard to say… What is clear is that something has happened, and the Plantalas have become quite aggressive. The Wood Spirit himself flew into a blind rage, causing all the Pandawas to flee.

As you can see, Plantala offers a spectacle that is equally delightful, mysterious, and at times troublesome. Adventurers wishing to cross into these lands must remember – those from Plantala are at home there…

And that concludes our little tour of the new Pandala! We hope it's made you want to discover the island and its splendors, if you didn't already.

Enjoy your visit to Pandalan lands! And when it comes to the Pandawas' fermented milk, whether made from rice or bamboo, please drink responsibly…

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