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DOFUS's Future

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - September 18, 2020, 11:00:00

Writing this is challenging, knowing that these lines will be read and reread, and passionately analyzed and dissected. But it's also a huge pleasure to write this article and start a discussion with you about the future of DOFUS! 

Almost a year ago, we decided to reveal a short video in the KrosmoNote to give you a first glimpse of the project that we've been referring to internally as "DOFUS Unity" (as a temporary name for the project, not the name of the game). Although we were very clear at the time that we wouldn't have much more to say about the project for a while, the video generated not only a lot of excitement, but also lots of questions and frustrations on your side. The time has come. Today, we can finally tell you a bit more about the project.


DOFUS Unity 

I don't want to keep you in suspense any longer, so I'll get right to the point. DOFUS Unity is the result of a long period of reflection, discussion, and analysis of your feedback, and of our own wishes for DOFUS over the years. Currently iterating on the prototype stage, DOFUS Unity will be a new game that combines the best of DOFUS 2, its roots in DOFUS Retro, and approaches from more modern games.

The discussion immediately turned to the future of your characters: Would this be an improved version of the DOFUS you're playing now, in which your current characters would simply continue their adventures with all their existing equipment, or would it be an all-new game that merely shares the same universe as DOFUS, while inviting you to explore a brand-new adventure with a new character?

For DOFUS Unity, the answer is that this will be a new game, with new mechanics, new rules and new goals. It's not a continuation of the adventure you started in DOFUS, but a new game that will offer an all-new experience in the World of Twelve, with its own quests, its own equipment, and its own progression.

We intend to take our time with this project, because we want to be sure that we're offering you a high-quality game above all. Development time on MMORPGs tends to be long, and this means that the game won't be available for a few years.

In the interest of transparency, here's a short video of the current state of the prototype as it exists today. However, note that all the content – including the graphic content – is temporary, and does not in any way represent the final experience we're aiming for.

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As you can see, we're thinking about some really big changes from current versions of DOFUS: possibly having a free-look camera, more open environments, the ability to directly control a group of multiple characters, making combats more dynamic and punchy, etc., and of course the transition to 3D. And why not play DOFUS on your couch with a controller?

The list is long, but the possibilities are very exciting!


So how does DOFUS fit into all this? 


I hope I didn't lose you in the previous paragraph. To nip your concerns in the bud right away: No, we're not going to abandon DOFUS (in its current version, after the upgrade to version 2 a few years back). Quite the contrary! In fact, we plan to give it a second wind, especially on the technical side.

We've decided to completely recreate the DOFUS game client in Unity. As you know, the DOFUS client is developed almost entirely in AF3 (the programming language for Flash), but despite our best intentions and efforts, we're starting to reach the limits of what's possible in terms of making the client run more smoothly and improving the game experience in the current game client.

Porting the DOFUS game client is an ambitious project that will take time (and resources!) to complete, but will enable us to significantly "refresh" your in-game experience.

For the technically inclined or anyone who's just curious, remember that Flash doesn't use all the capabilities of your graphics card, and only uses one of your processor's cores. With this change, much more will become possible! Along the way, we also hope to study the possibility of making your visits to the World of Twelve more lively and vibrant, although this would not mean a complete overhaul of the graphics: the game would stay in 2D, with the unique style that is central to its identity.

So, once this port is completed, there will be no major changes to the game or to your characters. Your in-game experience will be almost exactly the same as it is today, just a lot more pleasant. This consolidation will allow us to keep developing the game from one update to the next with no problems, to add to your characters' adventures year after year, and to provide improved technical stability!

We're currently working on the next batch of content for release in 2021, and I hope we'll be able to get back to you soon with a few details *cough, spoilers, cough* about what's coming next year.

DOFUS is still an amazing adventure that's been going for over 15 years, almost 16 years now… a journey we've made with you, and all thanks to your support. And it's definitely far from over…

Once again, on behalf of the whole DOFUS team and all our Ankama teams, I've got just two words left to say here: THANK YOU!


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This looks really promising, great work so far! 

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Basically you want to make the game more casual, remove most of the spells. It is really looking like a cheap mobile game rip off, rather than Dofus. Remember that most players are playing Your game, because it offers unique tactical mmorpg experience, where you actually have to take care, when choosing your spells, equipement and creating overall build. I have never seen a game even close, to the Dofus aesthetics, in terms how beatifull it is. In exchange for that all I can see on this video is really non-distinguishing from cheap Play Store games.

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Well, the spell system might be a WIP so they might not be decreasing the spell amount. 

I think there are 5 spell per element on the video (a total of 20). not too far from the current class spell.. And that's just in the WIP stage..

And looking at the spell tab, unlocked spells are generic, which could mean that they could be spell slots.... That could mean that there might be 100+ spells that can be slotted to those 20 spell slots (just speculating with a bit of exaggeration). 

Or maybe there is additional tier of spell beyond the initial 20. If you look at the spell circle, there are lines that extend outside the circle which could mean that there could be spell slots outside the circle that can be unlocked later.

Anything is possible so don't think right away that they removed most of the spells.


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Why is the board still in square tiles? If you are upgrading from 2d to 3d, why not also upgrade from square to hexagon? It would be so much more tactical....

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Logan said the clip was temporary. They could devise it to be based on pentagons, triangles, or even a dodecagon in keeping with The World of the Twelve.

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I like the news about porting Dofus 2!
But Dofus Unity news... Its an interesting idea and you did say its WiP but i hope its a veeeeery early sneak peak.
Unity can have very good looking shaders and so far none are utilized here.
Your character is barely visible outside the combat, and more so in.

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This honestly sounds great. It is obvious to everyone that a game that cannot attract new players will die so taking a step back and creating something new yet familiar is the right step.

A big concern is how Ankama will handle mobile/console accessibility since it usually correlates to the quality of the PC version.
I am also concerned regarding how you will handle multiboxing, if it becomes the norm like it Dofus 2.0 or Retro it will kill it within months like what happened to Wakfu.

Take your time and make it as good as possible! 

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2d + turn based is what set Dofus apart from the 15,000,000 games out there. Now we're dropping one of those niches. We'll see how it turns out, but I don't see anything exciting. I always wish Ankama success though.

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Yep, this heavily hinges on whether or not they can pull off a "is 3d but looks 2d" look well enough by release. They've got a very basic art direction atm with simple textures and default shaders it seems like, so its a very early preview. It needs to go through some drastic changes to capture the look of Dofus 2 or it'll basically be a repeat of Maplestory 2

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I have to say Dofus Unity looks interesting. I know it is an early peek and the game could change drastically (I remember playing Wakfu in Beta and then seeing it just a few months ago and it's like a different game.) I hope, unlike Wakfu, you do keep the feeling and creativity of Dofus and the story. 

I have to say I am even more excited for Dofus to be in the new engine. I love the art style and feel of the game (the flash style graphic are a total throw back to my youth). I have been playing Dofus for years, a lot in the early 2010s and then again as a returning player the last few months. I can see where things can improve and being in the new engine, I look forward to seeing where you go with it! Keep up the good work!

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Unfortunately many bugs from Wakfu Beta (and even Alpha) are still in Wakfu today... Same for bad UI.
But heh we'll see what comes out of this.

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Oh I've seen this before.

Ankama worked on a game called Slage that was shockingly like this.

Currently, I'm not a fan of this. I was hoping Dofus would stay 2D, as that's where its charm was. But I guess if you polish it more, it would be acceptable.

I don't like the new spell system though. I like what we have in Dofus right now.

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The video is to showcase Dofus Unity which will be a seperate stand alone game.
Dofus Unity is the current name of another Dofus game in development shown in the video above.

Unity is also the name of a game development platform, allowing the user to put (e.g Photoshop, Blender, C# Script) work into the progamme to create and update a game.
I assume Unity will be used to import Dofus 2 assets and will be updated and redesigned while keeping its current appearance.

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Considering future updates for Dofus 2, will the game continue to be low-spec even when using a computers graphics card?
I have always appreciated how running Dofus is not strenuous on laptops and is easily accessible.

As a player, I hope the game remains 2-dimensional in a user-orthographic view. I feel the benefit of two camera options in 2D, rendered in a 3D environment would be a great addition.
Keep up the fantastic work, everything for Dofus Unity looks super.

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It should get a lot more efficient using Unity than it is now. Using graphics card offloads work from the CPU and makes better use of hardware. That only makes it less strenuous to the computer.

Of course, it uses the graphics card now, just not the 'full capabilities' as said in the post. Same logic applies, though.

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Stop it. Get some help. 

Try do some bug fixes, for the love of god. You keep doing this absolute bs. Focus on one thing, and finish it. The game is unbearable to play, for a very big amount of players, because of spaghetti code and a careless support team

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Didn't you read the article, they are rewriting all code in a new game engine (Unity).

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Ankama please, dont ruin this game, i dont want quit after 15 years. Just keep it same, and bring back old "seeker scroll" hunting pvp, maybe some fun for pvmers. Dont do this "Disney" crap we are not 9 years old. Again, i dont want quit after all years in game, dont do regular rpg like everyone. Peace out.

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Dofus supports Ankama. Ankama ignores Dofus with his failed projects and never re-invests in the game making him f2p. GG WP

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I like the idea of porting Dofus. But Dofus Unity ?
You guys speak about resources but keep wasting them on things that aren't necessary. I mean, wasn't Wakfu suposed to feel a similar experience that you guys are expecting for Dofus Unity? That game is not in a good spot right now and it's disappointing how you guys just keep pushing things away... And what about those 'deadgames'? Krosmaga is having a hardtime breathing without decent updates. Krosmaster did not make its appearence on the Ankama Launcher yet. And what About Waven? Still waiting for the game to launch.
I know that the COVID thing messed up a lot of things, but you guys are shoting in every direction and missing a lot of targets. Since Dofus Unity is not supposed to be the graphic evolution for Dofus 2, then it's not needed.

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I can see where Ankama wants to take the game and bring in a new audience considering the fact dofus 2 is really hard for new players to get into but, I don’t know how I feel about it at the moment since it is in very early production but one of the special things about dofus is that it’s a game that you don’t need a super computer or laptop to play we will see how Ankama will progress with this I would rather want to see Waven be completed first but i do hope ankama makes Retro f2p in the basic areas of the game to encourage new players to pick the game up

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I like that Ankama always tries to deliver new and exciting experiences, but honestly.
As others have said, this "experiment" called Dofus Unity makes little sense. Wakfu is "Dofus Unity".
If you want to make a new game, make it real-time (as was suggested something like 7-8 years ago). Make it truly different. Why make a Wakfu version of Dofus...? I get that you want to milk those that loved dofus 1.3 and never quite got to love the 2.0 as much, but since you can't pick either up without alienating the audience from that game, you decided to go in-between. But it feels like a lot of mashups that start to blur into each other.
Not to mention Dofus Touch, which feels completely lost on its own path of misery (Tho I personally loved the Incarnam Lairs, and liked the experiments the team was doing there. But it makes no sense having yet another version of Dofus).

Porting Dofus to Unity tho, that's a good idea (I'd say about time, since flash is a dead technology that we're all better leaving behind us.)

The best idea I've seen (and got super excited about) over the years was Dofus Dungeons. Which, of course, got cancelled, and honestly now I can't even think that was for a good reason at all. None of the games coming out look nor feel exciting. Waven did (at least when it was still Cube), but then kinda disappeared recently. Why not invest more on that?

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Would be understandable if the graphics were Waven like, but so far it looks like Ankama is trying to go the "Mobile game that you won't play for more than 2 days" look. It is unfortunate, as this removes the current unique style of Dofus art and makes it look horrendous at the same time.

But at least, we *might* have an "upgraded" version of the current Dofus. Though, Flash isn't the reason why your game has bugs.

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It is a reason they have performance problems, though. And as for bugs, rewriting it will give them the opportunity to clean up the code and get a better foundation that will have fewer issues with bugs in general.

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I'm not a fan of the Unity graphics either. I sincerely hope the appearance is improved all around, because as of now it doesn't look suitable for a game to be released in the 2020's.

I'm optimistic about the concept of reworking Dofus 2 under the hood. I'm guessing that you're not able to further optimize Dofus 2's performance in its current state, and that it's also preventing some outstanding bugs from being fixed.

However, I'm very nervous about it rolling out with tons of bugs... Your Pandala rollout, which broke a large amount of preexisting quest and other content among other issues, does not inspire confidence.

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this new game looks horrible hopefully  it doesn't look anything like this and dofus retro  stays around. 

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