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DOFUS's Future

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - September 18, 2020, 11:00:00
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I think it seems like it can be good. The game is in a pretty good spot imo so just focusing on maintaining it in unity and developing a *sequel* is great long-term. As long as 2.0 keep their distinct artstyle and the unity version is interesting enough.

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Love the concept of dofus unity. It’s what I was hoping waven would be like. I hope ankama will take this product to the finish line!

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Dofus Unity
Unity Engine: Supported +1
3D Animation: Supported +1
Control your own team: Supported +1

This game is already turning out to be my game of choice. 
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Honestly. Just fix Wakfu and scrap that Dofus Unity thingy. You had a good approach with the governance and environmental MMORPG idea. Like Dofus but with the focus on building something as a server. Or destroying it. The best way to keep people busy is to let them fight over ideals and ideas for the future of their country (server). And if you had enough of people being dicks you can go play some Dofus 2 or Retro. Dofus Unity looks and feels like a cashgrab, a game for a quick buck from 12 year-olds. To. Many. Games.

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One thing I hope they don't mess up when porting Dofus is the speed of things. The majority of players won't sit through minute long turns, 5-10 minute long fights. Don't overdo it, no one wants a makeover. I'll deal with these months/years old bugs if it means not getting ported to some beyond slow/over-beautified version of Dofus. I'd just straight up quit the day it comes out.

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I just found out about Waven not to long ago. Theres like 10+ games in varying stages of development across multiple platforms, in the midst of a global pandemic. Can Ankama afford to even consider starting this new project? Let alone porting D2 to Unity as well? It all seems to ambitious and I think the number of projects needs to be drastically cut. If Ankama insists on pursuing multiple projects then there should be a hardcap of no more than 3. Even then, how many of those would be little more than slightly different reflections of each other? Wakfu as an example was supposed to be a game changer yet never reached the expectations of either players or staff; neither has many of the spinoff/side games. What is the overall objective here?

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I really don't like th 3D, I was not thrilled with what I saw in the clip sad

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I love the idea of porting Dofus to a new platform! Tibia did something like this a few years ago and the game got a breath of fresh air, I hope the same happens to Dofus. I would love a more optimised client! This would open doors to updating a lot of features!

About the Dofus Unity, the video is more of a show of concept than gameplay footage and as that it is great. I hope it turns out great I will most definitively try it out once it comes out.

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Glad that it's going to be a separate game. I would definitely rather see a completed Waven rather than Dofus Unity as that looked a bit more interesting.

Gotta echo the sentiment about too many game ideas and not enough commitment/focus on any of them especially seeing as I just ran across a 9 year old bug in game today....

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Having numerous projects ongoing for a organization like Ankama may not even be a concern.

Definitely not in terms of quality, each game would have a dedicated team behind all the promotions, artwork, game design and coding and so forth.
By that regard no single game would be created with less attention to detail then another.
Instead, Ankama would be able to create new jobs for individuals wanting to get into the game industry.

Ankama also have very popoular manga and anime series published between Dofus, Wakfu and Radiant.
In addition, the release of many different board games and toys.

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Now,because I'm allowed my own opinion and because I watched the video.
It looks like a cheap mobile game mixed with something from the Nintendo 64 days with a touch of MediEvil.

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I don't like the art style at all and probably wouldn't even give this a chance if this is an indication as to what it would look like.  

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I'm 34 years old but fairly new to Dofus/Wakfu scene. I started playing one month ago because I love the game aesthetics (2D anime like). I play both Wakfu and Dofus. I like more the Wakfu graphics and overall playability but I mostly play Dofus because the combat is more fast and dynamic. Wakfu's combat is too slow for my liking. But it's still a great game.
I saw this Dofus Unity video and my reaction is kinda "meh". It doesn't have the feeling of a Dofus/Wakfu game that I'm enjoying so much. In my opinion the new game should still have that Dofus/Wakfu feeling - 2D or isometric style. For me the perfect game would be Dofus with Wakfu graphics. But that is just my opinion.

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Looking at this thread with regards to "Dofus" future, it is understandable that dofus players have apprehensions when Ankama allocate resources other than on dofus.

But looking at it in "Ankama's" future, it is to be expected for the developer to keep making new product going forward. Nostalgia development is good, but any/all company who aims move forward needs to grow or else.

Do not worry, , I'm sure Dofus development will continue as new games are developed.

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Sorry in advance for being harsh but the graphics look terrible in my opinion and there can be no "improvements" to fix it. Dofus fans are niche and we simply love highly strategic games in a vast world with cute little characters. Look at every single map in Dofus, they're beautiful and unique. Each one is like a piece of art. Wakfu is the more modern game that was actually good at keeping the Dofus feel that everyone adores. This is not it, if you ask me. I understand that you're looking for new people to introduce Ankama games but why would a 12-20 y.o look at this game and decide playing it? Graphics? I don't think so, at all. Fast-paced combat, maybe? No turn-based game would be fast-paced really. So, who would come and play fantastic turn-based strategy rpg? Those who are fed of the overly fast-paced 20min. long action games. Those who are into strategy, old-school and long dedication. Why not slowly work on a Dofus 3 and create a haven for that niche that is not being fed for many years instead of attempting to catch and audience that would never ever give a chance to a turn-based game (and with bad 3d graphics)? I think Dofus 1 to Dofus 2 was a great example. The game got modernized while keeping the unique feel. I'm sure a new, high quality MMORPG that has the unique Dofus feel would fill in the gap and be really successful. Without a Dofus 3 with those qualifications, I worry that Ankama will become a slowly diminishing gaming company that does nothing but milk the nostalgic few. I really hope that won't be the case.

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To be honest, knowing that the video is from VERY early development and they stated several times the content, including graphical content, does not represent the final product... You guys are being ridiculous. I think the concept is great.

I hope they avoid anything that feels like a phone game. And they have their teams too split, but otherwise I'm excited about the project.

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I really don't think they should have posted this video so early on

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Gunnerwolfang|2021-03-21 00:16:53
"Pot, kettle, black". We can read just fine, you just can't comprehend what we said. Nobody said that video is about the Dofus we're playing right now, everyone knows that it was an entirely new game. You are the only one here who are mistaken. Look before you leap.

Didn't even read your comments and I'm not replying to you. The guy said, and I quote, "You want to make the game more casual." 
They are not making THE game more casual. They are making A game - nothing to do with THE game - which we all understand to be the Dofus we're playing now. The rest of his comment clearly shows that he thinks they're scrapping Dofus as it is now and turning it into whatever they've just shown us. 
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Next time put "@Barkos" to avoid miscommunications. happy

Fair enough, maybe he did thought that it was Dofus... Still, he did not state that that video is about Dofus so we might as well give him the benefit of the doubt. For all we know, he could be talking about that video as a new game and is only arguing that Dofus players would not appreciate a new game that is more casual.

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I wouldn't say that Dofus Unity looks like a mobile game, but it definitely gives me a vibe of a classic cute style kMMO from the mid 2000's. Saying that, I don't dislike the look (in fact I love kmmos), and given it's in extremely early development, I think that with a lot of detailing and textures it could look like quite a beautiful game. Aim for Dofus 2 details, but in 3D, and it'd be great!

I noticed that the Iop was wearing an amulet, but it wasn't showing on them. It would be nice if there is more customization and that you have the ability to show off more than just a hat/cape and weapons.

I hope that questing can be a bit more dynamic than just the typical 'NPC dialogue > do x > more dialogue' way. How, I'm not sure - but I've grown fond of games where an event happens and something you can physically see happens in the world, and everyone in the area can participate in the event together (for example - a bridge collapses and everyone can commit ecoterrorism to supply logs for repairs).

Overall, it's hard to say much about the game by the video alone but I hope Ankama can try and think outside the box a little (or a lot - or at least don't go down the typical MMO path).

As for Dofus 2 going to Unity - really really looking forward to it!

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I wish these guys would release a game that had multiclient built into it. Content would be much more accessible and the game would be less of a chore to play.

Make inventory, drops, exp, profs, quests, etc as per account and allow equipment to be used by all chars on the account. Then add a drops/exp bonus for each client in a fight. That way, you incentivize group play while removing the "penalties" of playing a single character/client, along with having benefits to it that a multi-client player wouldn't get. Content will always be accessible since you could just solo it with your team (it's just less efficient). Also, when doing group play, each player will have their chars go after each other in the turn order so that it's much less demanding.

Downsides of this is it initially steers you towards single element teams and people would find it less immersive, but the QoL and added variety is well worth the tradeoff.

Like, if you look at Waven. Each class is split into variants based on the weapon it equips. Each class/weapon combo is it's own char and has it's own level. Somehow they thought it was a good idea to punish people who wanted variety by forcing them to start from level 1 each time. It's this kind of design that turns me off from playing the game. It's just a way of artificially increasing the time spent playing the game to get from point A to point B. Kinda like how Persona 5 and Fire Emblem 3 Kingdoms have customization locked behind a bunch of time consuming fluff. Could have put all of that in a menu and made the game 30% shorter (along with making replays much less of a chore), but then the game loses it's personality (which I don't care about since the battles are the part that is actually fun). 

Also, I agree with the guy advocating for hex grid. It makes it much easier to cover distance aka it's much harder to endlessly kite.

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"I wish these guys would release a game that had multiclient built into it"
 "allow equipment to be used by all chars on the account. Then add a drops/exp bonus for each client in a fight."

Are you referring to Dofus 2?

Some of the servers on Dofus 2 allow multi-clienting so you can run a team of 2+ depending on what your computer can handle.

The Haven bag with a chest is accessible from all chara's on the accountso kama's, equipment, consumables and resources are shared between all chara's on the one account, unless it states it is Locked to Character.

For drops/xp bonus for each client, there are in-fight Challenges that give these bonuses to each player in the fight, complete the Challenge and you gain more drops/xp.

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