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Mahogany Pebbles, Where Did They Go?

By Zargabanth - SUBSCRIBER - September 27, 2020, 08:13:11

I want to ask on the forums; as I couldn't find any answers elsewhere.
What ever happened to Mahogany Pebbles in general and in recipe crafts? Are the current pebbles stored in players banks unusable?

Having looked through my own bank, I currently have 12 that have yet to be used.
Although it seems they've been made redundant going by sources such as Wiki.

I remember they were valued quite high kama wise and were the PvM equivalent of Sparkling Pebbles in a sense. The pebbles were used in equipment crafts of levels 18X-19X.

Does anyone know if I can exchange the 12 that I have for anything at present? Regards.

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I'm not too sure but have you tried exchanging at a class temple?

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Oh I did check to see if the npcs at the temples exchanged the older items including Crimson, Smoked and Mahogany Pebbles. Although I couldn't find anything.

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Tldr; Mahogany pebbles were removed and most recipes replaced it with Sparkling Pebbles.

Consider it a Legacy Item if you have it, because if i remember correctly they deleted everyone's pebbles and exchanged them for doploons during some update.

Mahogany pebbles were obtained through doploons. Dopples were changed as it was seen as a mundane task: they no longer give doploons. As a result, the only way to obtain doploons now is through bounty quests (Wanted Monsters) making it a limited resource since those quests can only be done once. Limited resource means you can't tie it to a craft. Well, you could but it would create complications. So they removed the pebbles. I'm unsure why they decided to remove them completely, perhaps they couldn't tie it to another system like treasure hunt or kolosseum (pvp).

Sadly this also means that most of those recipes now require the pvp pebbles (kolosseum) and as a pvm player who doesn't really enjoy pvp I've been against this for ages.

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