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Builder for Dofus RETRO: meet Dofus Creator!

By LordIlusao - SUBSCRIBER - October 18, 2020, 01:04:32
Topic authorized by the Lyafar mod

The RETRO version of Dofus Creator is available for everyone to access! It's time to test your damage and find equipment ideas in Dofus 1.29 using Dofus Creator Retro!

Create your projects
Are you curious to know if your build for Ecaflip agility will really work? So hands-on, equip your Toady Set and the Mad Tofu Cloak, open the character's Buffs screen (press the B key as a shortcut), add the Clover spell and see its damage in action (S key shows spells)!

Save everything!
Don't forget to create an account to save your projects! They can be public for everyone to find or private where only you have access to them.
Add tags as the main element of the project, secondary feature, game mode and don't forget to say the average price in Kamas of the project! So everyone can find your project in the search to find inspirations based on what you've created wub

Find projects
Your agility Ecaflip has potential but are you out of ideas of what to equip? How about doing a search for projects created by other players? On the Find Projects page you can see all public projects made by other players.
Just use the filter on the left to specify your class, elements and additional ones. Your search is ready!

Create copies
So you found a cool Sram project with 1/2 critical hits and would like to use it on your Ecaflip, but would it be better to exchange that Pink Dragoone for a Air Bwak to be perfect? No problem, you can! When opening the project of any player, the option "Save" is replaced by "Create Copy" which will save the project of this other player in your account with your own modifications the way you want!

In addition to the shortcut keys that streamline your creation process in Dofus Creator, there are also other very useful features, such as filtering equipment for its effect! Go to top right menu when clicking on any equipment space.
In the sets window it is also possible to find both partial and complete combinations in the upper right corner, where Dofus Creator will find all available sets that fit into the empty spaces of your project.

Version Dofus 2
And of course, if you are passing through the retro universe of Dofus, we also have the official Dofus Creator which is the current version of Dofus and you can access it here:

Enjoy laugh
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