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Devblog: 2.58 – Upcoming Changes

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - November 10, 2020, 10:00:00

Between the Cania Bandits quest, improvements to smithmagic access, and comprehensive balancing for several classes and items, Update 2.58 will be packed full of changes!

1. The Cania Bandits


This update will involve an overhaul of the Cania Bandits quest, a necessary step to obtain the Emerald Dofus. In an effort to resolve the issue of wait time and the heightened competition between players, the conditions for the three bandits to spawn, along with the context of the fight that pits them against adventurers, have been modified.

  • Nomekop, Eratz, and Edasse no longer appear among the Cania monsters as wanted monsters. They will now all be fought at the same time following a legendary treasure hunt; the three scales will be found in the chest dropped as a reward for victory.
  • The map fragments for the legendary hunt can be obtained by completing standard treasure hunts, or by trading in special tokens (known as bountykens) to a bounty hunter; bountykens will be awarded to player characters for completing wanted notice quests at or below level 120.
  • Map fragments are exchangeable and can therefore be acquired through trade; any excess scales acquired via the old methods can be traded for map fragments from the bounty hunter.
  • Existing scale fragments can be converted into bountykens and exchanged for treasure chests.
  • The workshop used to fuse scale fragments in Meriana's house has been removed.

The purpose of these changes is to make the bandits more important (it is now necessary to defeat them in order to collect the three scales) and to maintain the link with the wanted notice mechanic, while at the same time avoiding a concentration of player characters in the same place at the same time (the fortune teller at the Trool Fair no longer provides information about the appearance of the bandits).

Wanted notice quests completed before starting the bandit quest will be taken into account, as long as they're within the appropriate level bracket.

Characters that have already finished the bandit quest won't be affected by these changes, unless they have scale fragments (or excess scales) to exchange.

2. Improved Access to Smithmagic


To address the collective feedback from certain players regarding smithmagic, we decided to make certain improvements to the relevant menus in order to improve your game experience.


Advanced Mode 

Players who are experienced with smithmagic can now check the option "advanced mode" located at the bottom of the menu. 
This lets you fuse runes more quickly with a single click. Simply click on a rune in the main interface (not in your inventory) to trigger fusion.
You can switch back to "classic mode" at any time. 

Hide Effect Lines 

It's possible to hide effect lines using a button with the eye icon; the line will move to the bottom of the list and be grayed out. To display it in its original place, simply click the eye icon again. 

Smithmagic History 

  • Neutral successes now appear in yellow. 
  • Exotic effect successes now appear in blue. 
  • An icon for each rune that has been fused now appears in the history, along with a description of the rune when you mouse over its icon. 
  • A trash button has been added to allow you to manually clear your history whenever you like. It will contain a maximum of 200 effects and will reset the next time you restart the game (as is currently the case). 

Transcendence Runes 

  • When a transcendence rune is successfully placed on a piece of equipment, the equipment can no longer be smithmaged or reset using a smithmagic orb.
  • To prevent malicious crafters from "blocking" a piece of equipment, a confirmation pop-up will appear to the customer whenever an attempt to set one of these runes is made, asking them whether they authorize the crafter to fuse this item with a transcendence rune.

Rune Density 

  • Information about rune density (rune weight) has been added to the rune tooltip. 

Tooltips for Items 

  • Effects higher than an item's maximum base stats (commonly referred to as "overmaged") are distinguished by a lighter shade of green.
  • Effects whose value has dropped to 0 are now shown in gray. 

Smithmagi's Workshops

  • There are three new Smithmagi's workshops in three zones in order to balance population: 
  • Frigost 
  • Sufokia 
  • Pandala 

Rune Marketplace 

  • There are three new rune marketplaces in three zones in order to balance population: 
  • Frigost 
  • Sufokia 
  • Pandala 
  • The categories "Signature Rune" and "Astral Rune" have been added to the rune marketplace (and removed from the resource marketplace). 
  • In the rune marketplace, when you click on a piece of equipment in your inventory, the runes related to the equipment's base stats are displayed. 

Bank and Chests 

  • In chests and in the bank, when the category "Runes" is selected in the drop-down menu and you click on a piece of equipment in the inventory, the runes related to the equipment's base stats are shown if you have any. 
  • The option "Show related runes" now appears when you right-click on equipment in your inventory. After clicking, the rune category is selected in the drop-down menu and displays runes that are related to the equipment's base stats if you have any. 

Removed Tooltips When a Player Succeeds with a Rune 

  • Tooltips (that say what item was crafted above the character) have been removed for all crafting professions in order to avoid an overload of information on the map. 

[Moosty] (UX Designer) 

3. Balancing


Update 2.58 will be a somewhat unusual update in terms of class balancing, because we won't only be modifying classes to achieve our goals. As you probably know, a few items have stood out in recent years, at times outshining other items in their effectiveness.

Currently, these few items are disproportionately represented in the meta, as their power causes them to be globally overused in combat. We therefore plan to modify certain weapons, Dofus eggs, and other effect-based items in Update 2.58.

Modifying items is always a complicated task for us, because we know how much equipment represents an investment in time and kamas for you. So, our goal is to try to change all these items at the same time so that no one gets cheated multiple times over the next few updates.

In terms of classes, we're introducing Summoning Mastery, a new common spell allowing the majority of classes to take control of their summons if they choose to. This new spell forces us to make slight changes to the Osamodas class, and we're taking this opportunity to remove its resurrection mechanic. To round the whole thing out, we'll also be giving a little help to two classes that need it: Ouginaks and Masked Masqueraiders.


As we can't modify the effects of your weapons without wrecking all the smithmaging you've done, we've chosen three level 200 weapons whose casting conditions will change in Update 2.58.

Hammerture Corrupted Bow Catseye Bow

Alongside that, we'll be introducing four new level 200 weapons with the intention of filling in current gaps, particularly after the changes are made to the weapons above.


The Dofus

Unsurprisingly, we'd like to tackle the issues with the Ebony and Ivory Dofus, but we're also making minor changes to the Silver Dofus.

Ebony Dofus Ivory Dofus

With its damage bonuses and its highly stackable poison, the Ebony Dofus has become a must-have for ultra high-level equipment. Our goal with the update is to keep the poison and the alternating hit mechanic, which we see as the very essence of this Dofus, but also make it simpler to use for everyone and in every kind of situation.

At the other end of the color spectrum, the effects of the Ivory Dofus are good for every situation. Regardless of your play style, you'll take damage after your turn ends. So our goal here as well is to make this Dofus a little more specialized in order to make it less necessary.

Finally, we think the Sparkling Silver Dofus is too much of a surprise in PvP. We'd like to make its effect more visible to allow opponents to play around this mechanic instead of discovering it at the last second.

Finally, these changes give us the opportunity to try to reduce the number of state icons still seen in combat, especially with the changes made to the Ebony Dofus and Ivory Dofus.

Legendary Items and Prytekts

The Dofus aren't the only items with effects that can be problematic in combat, and this somewhat special Update 2.58 offers us the chance to modify how prytekts and certain legendary items work.

Introduced last year, prytekts have quickly proven to be essential in every game mode. These little prysmaradites don't really have any flaws and are an obvious choice for most combat situations. We are therefore going to change how they work in order to help opponents penetrate the prytekts' shield.

Regarding legendary items, we've identified two items we consider to be overpowered at present:

  • Corruption Pestilence: Its effect being easy to use and highly stackable, this cloak is too powerful. Its new power remains very similar but is harder to use.
  • Fallanster's Rectitude: The bearer of Fallanster's Rectitude doesn't need to do much to make good use of it. We're slightly modifying its power to change this.

But that's not all – other legendary items will be getting a boost as well. If you were planning to part with your Kicked Ass Boots, Dodge's Audacity, Lady Jhessica's Courage, or Bram Worldbeard's Crown, we'd advise you to hold on a bit longer until Update 2.58, because their legendary effect will be enhanced.

Summoning Mastery

For a long time now we've expressed the wish to let you control summons in certain situations; Summoning Mastery fulfills that wish. So, how does it work?

The majority of class summons will be played by the game by default. Controlling summons will make combat more complex, and we'd like to keep the default condition as simple as possible. Once you're in combat, casting the spell "Summoning Mastery" will allow you to change whether you or the game has control over the summons you have and will summon.

This will affect all class summons except the following:

Never controllable: Chaferfu and Foggernaut Turrets
Always controllable: Noformo, Double, Plotter, Groute, Treant, Boombot, Megabomb, and Walking Bomb

NB: The other summons you can have in the game are never controllable (e.g. Minikron).

Now we'll be closely monitoring classes that couldn't control their summons until now to make sure they haven't become overpowered. We're obviously thinking of Sadidas in particular.



The introduction of Summoning Mastery has forced us to update at least two summons, and we're taking this opportunity to make additional changes. Our objectives are as follows:

  • remove the resurrection mechanic
  • simplify and reduce the power of certain offensive spells that are overly versatile
  • reduce power in the Kolossium without impacting power in PvM
  • make certain spells more competitive in relation to their variant


Ouginaks are solitary and savage beasts… but that shouldn't prevent from finding a group to fight alongside! To help them make friends, we'd like to:

  • add more value to team play for this class by enhancing existing spells
  • improve erosion capabilities, especially in PvP
  • make certain offensive spells less powerful and increase the defensive capability of others
  • make the animal form more appealing
  • free the class of certain cumbersome casting conditions


It's getting more and more difficult for the Masqueraider class and its atypical gameplay to compete with the other classes. The time has come for us to reaffirm mask wearing in the World of Twelve! These are our goals for doing so:

  • grant more flexibility in the use of masks
  • offer the choice between several elemental spells no matter what mask you use
  • vary the gameplay around switching masks
  • balance the variant options between all four elemental paths
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The map fragments for the legendary hunt can be obtained by completing standard treasure hunts, or by trading in special tokens (known as bountykens) to a bounty hunter;

Please just call them Bountokens, it looks better that way.
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Score : 1429

Moosty, bless you for the amazing changes to the maging experience. I'd simp for you ngl.

1 0
Score : 143

Ivory and Ebony nerfs are a huge mistake. That’s how you kill competitive PvP smh

Expect many people to stop doing pvp altogether and to have many people quit the game because of some ill-thought-out and unreasonable changes.

I do approve of the other nerfs however, they were much needed.

Edit: Butthurt people be downvoting cuz they can’t afford Ivory and Ebony

10 -17
Score : 1429

But, why? Everyone has the same nerfs so overall nothing is changed? It's probably an indirect buff to glasscannon builds but we don't know anything yet.

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Score : 18

Now we'll be closely monitoring classes that couldn't control their summons until now to make sure they haven't become overpowered. We're obviously thinking of Sadidas in particular.
...."munchs on popcorn on the couch and watching all burn like hell"

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Score : 56
  • When a transcendence rune is successfully placed on a piece of equipment, the equipment can no longer be smithmaged or reset using a smithmagic orb.
  • To prevent malicious crafters from "blocking" a piece of equipment, a confirmation pop-up will appear to the customer whenever an attempt to set one of these runes is made, asking them whether they authorize the crafter to fuse this item with a transcendence rune.

Since you are working against scamming, why not make something simular when trading. The amount of people adjusting a number quickly before accepting is rediculous at the moment. Something simular to RuneScapes confirmation screen would completely annihilate this problem
1 0
Score : 1323

I didnt know smithblocking is a thing, that sounds evil. Unlike kama scammers those people have nothing to gain other then the feeling of making someone upset.

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Score : -26

Nerf Dofuses and we ARE LEAVING ! , GL finding players 

10 -19
Score : 3457

Bye smile 

11 -8
Score : 1323

Those changes sound very interesting. Summon control may end up very op, cant wait to see it biggrin

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Score : 226

Summon control as a Sadida, I like it a lot. The summons now usually do what I want them to do but their placement is terrible most of the time. That would definitely be an improvement for me. Although, I'm afraid people will start complaining immediately since they already do so about Sadidas.

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Score : 2115

I like the changes but idk about the ebony and Ivory changes. I dont pvp but i have them for pvm. I feel like pvm people are getting hurt in the progress of adjusting pvp. I quested all my dofusses. For them to be nerfed and potentially become useless would be a shame. I guess if the nerf is too heavy ill go back to trophys and "forgotten" dofusses that actually provide some stats ingame.

3 0
Score : 1057

I agree. Ivory dofus currently makes non fully optimised teams to be playable AND enjoyable as it removes the extremely punishing nature of the game for the non optimised. It lets other classes than enis to play healer roles in pvm without the need of having another support character to finish the job of the healer. Ebony on the other hand lets classes that are not revolved around damage but heals instead to do better in solo fights as generally they have harder times in solo fights. Ebony overall helps classes have damage output capabilities without making a non dmg character deal outrageous damage.

2 0
Score : 1057

The reason ivory and ebony are so OP is because their effects are straightforward. You get a good bonus whatever you are doing. If you make them more situational it will become the same as some of the newer, useless dofuses due to their insane restrictions-such as domakuro and paper dofus, to give a few examples.

3 0
Score : 226

The paper Dofus is actually very good in certain situations. So I'd say that Dofus does exactly what Ankama wants it to do.

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Score : 31

Can you guys hire a new team for balancing gear and classes plz, you might actually gain players if u can find someone with a clue.

8 -4
Score : 16266

If Ankama were to design the game how you guys are saying, it would be a trash heap of all players wearing the same equipment.

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Score : 39

Nerf Ivory /Ebony/Prytek for players that worked hard to get them...the only ones that will agree with this update are the people that dont grind to quest and work hard. The ivory questline is cancer and the egg should be OP. Disappointed in this update.

3 -3
Score : 69

i did the quests for both and i couldnt care less if they get nerfed. People who rely on these two dofuses for pvp are pathetic. 

5 -4
Score : 2556

People complaining that Dofus / Pryteks are being nerfed are people that couldn't win without them.

Ivory and Ebony are so good that they are mandatory in PvP, and whenever a fight is between a player with Ivory and Ebony and a player without Ivory and Ebony, 90% of the times the player with the Dofus wins.

They are what made PvP feel like total crap, it is pointless for you to PvP at high level without them in your set. Maybe now PvP will feel better than it currently is, because as it stands, it is the worse state it has ever been.

Also, if we get the rune weight why not show the sink as well? Just like the chart was in the internet so are tutorials on counting sink, might as well just put it there.

7 -7
Score : 257

Why is the intention to lower the damage output of some of the ouginaks spells? The one that hits hard only do when they are stacked (marrow bone) the rest seem to fall in line damage wise for ap and condition costs. Can the team put out details with the patch notes on their reasoning if they do go through with lowering spell damage? I would love to see that.

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Score : 69

imagine quitting because ivory and ebony are getting nerfed LUL.

4 -9
Score : 5461

so. are you removing summon control from osamodas? it's not clear. you haven't listed their summons as "always controllable". only noformo.

2 0
Score : 2671

I was wondering this also. They didn't give a lot of details on how exactly they are going to modify the class. To me it feels like a huge downgrade to fall back to dumb summon Ai 90% of the time and not being able to use their special spells and position them where I want to.

While it's possible to trick summon Ai into performing certain actions, I really don't want to rely on that in critical situations. The "Summon Mastery" spell reminds me of the 'symbiosa' spell we had a few osa class balancing attempts back.

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Score : 49

Changing ivory ebony can most likely kill the remaining pvp activities in the server...

8 -3
Score : 2556

Would you be able to explain why making PvP more accessible would kill it?

2 -7
Score : 7322

You know, there's more to this game than PvP. Many PvM quest fights are extremely hard and basically require ivory. Nerfing it for PvP reasons is disgusting. Make your quest fights easier if you're going to do this.

3 0
Score : 706

Finally. I was talking about it 2 years ago. Better late, than never.
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