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Devblog: 2.58 – Upcoming Changes

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - November 10, 2020, 10:00:00
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so... R.I.P. Osa's ?

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I think we can all agree Ivory ( and maybe also Ebony ) needs to be nerfed for pvp but on the other hand we can also all agree they dont need to be nerfed for pvm. They are ruining our efforts of getting these dofusses and then make them useless for pvm only because they are too good in pvp. Why only look at 1 aspect and not both? Maybe make a system where they only work differently in kolo and keep them the same for all other aspects of the game?

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Will there be a separate devblog about part 3 of pandala towards the end of the month? I saw the images and information on Twitter and it looks great!

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Finally, these changes give us the opportunity to try to reduce the number of state icons still seen in combat, especially with the changes made to the Ebony Dofus and Ivory Dofus.

There's one easy fix for less state icons on the screen... add easy button to disable them, but when you mouse over a char they pop up over the nickname... or/and add icons to the picture in timeline (but for that You need to fix timeline so it is scrollable with scroll and it autoscrolls for active char/mob)

There also should be an option for creature mode, but only for characters, making monster still normal.
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I have something very important to add. Related to smithmagic. Currently anyone who is lvl 200 can work on legendary items, but only those who have the achievement 6/6 are able to make those items. Can you PLEASE change that? Only characters with 6/6 should be allowed to modify legendary items

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Are you serious about Osamodas class balancing or just kidding around?

"simplify and reduce the power of certain offensive spells that are overly versatile" --> since 2009, I play as an Osa and the spells we have now are very weak actually. Also summons doesn't have a chance in PVP already, yet you're saying

Please give this class what it deserves or cancel it, delete it, destroy it forever. This is torment for osamodas players as you trying to balancing their power which they doesn't already have!

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Why the int linear spell of Masqueraider has been updated in that much strange and stupid way??? All of int masq spells hits from close combat. This int spell isn't advancing anymore, but it is repelling!! Please change it as it used to be!!

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Next update please make breeding better manageable or just a bit less tedious in general please? It's the only kind of achievements I have never been interested in because of this and I think it is like that for many players. Sure, having the time for pregnancy be the same would be fine but getting the mounts ready to breed just 1 time every single time is just too much in my opinion due to the fact that you need to keep an eye on the bars and everything, for people who don't have time throughout the entire day it's just too much and feels unobtainable. Many players who are on the top rankings in achievement points have been leeched through these achievements and I think that just defeats the purpose of the game and the achievement system.

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Can dofuses have separate pvp and pvm functionalities? Ivory is such an amazing dofus for the higher lvl dungeons and dreams, it would be such a shame to weaken pvm capability just because its required in pvp. 

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The majority of class summons will be played by the game by default. Controlling summons will make combat more complex, and we'd like to keep the default condition as simple as possible. Once you're in combat, casting the spell "Summoning Mastery" will allow you to change whether you or the game has control over the summons you have and will summon.

My Sword (Voracious/Dancing) just toodles along doing jack all now. Where is the special spell Summoning Mastery? It isnt in my class spells tab, it isnt in my special spells tab either.

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You need to go get the fragments, I don't remember the exact positions but they might be something like:

[3, -32]
[3, -26] (or close to it, go down the first position and you'll find them)
[5, -24] (or close to it, should be on the same line as the fields dungeon)
[10, -24]
[13, -27]

Click the stones (press Y to highlight them) to get a fragment.

At the end, double click the item in your backpack and you will be teleported to a map. Click the stone and you'll receive the spell.

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where can i find the control fragments?

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what achievement is needed for a Pandawa Cub?

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According to the wikia:
  • 100 of each Pandawushu Artefact ( so 100 x Fire, 100 x Rock, 100x Water, 100x Wind and 100 x  Wood = 500 Artefacts in total) with Pandawa Cub at [26,-39] and
Completed Achievements: 
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